Dear Joshua,

As we close out the Christmas season, I would like to hear your perspective on spirituality, religion/the belief in a higher power and the practice of law of attraction principles. You can have one without the other, but what is your insight on the blending of the three? With gratitude and the understanding we are all connected as one love,


Dear Janine,

We have come to teach you to look at all things physical from a higher, broader perspective. We see everything as right. We know that there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. We understand that everyone is seeking what feels right to them and all are on their own individual path to expansion and to becoming who they really are. If you are moving in the direction of becoming who you really are through the love of a certain religion or teaching, then we would say that you are proceeding perfectly along your intended path.

Remember that your path is right for you alone. No one can travel your path because each has their own path to travel. No one is on the same path because each individual is unique, therefore all paths are unique even though they are leading to the same place; the discovery of who each person really is. As long as you follow your own path and allow all others to follow their own paths, then you have achieved the stance of allowing. Once you doubt your path by accepting the influence of others, you make your journey more difficult than it needs to be. When you influence another away from their path, you make their journey more difficult than it needs to be.

All religions started by telling the same message, but that message was co-opted by those who wished to control the conditions and parts of the message have been distorted. You can ignore these limiting aspects and concentrate on the teachings that resonate with you. You instinctively know what is true and what is false because you know the laws of the universe. If fear is involved, it is not part of the original message. If love is involved, you can have faith that it is part of the original message. As in all things, believe only that which empowers you and do not believe that which is limiting. In the end, it is your beliefs that will influence your personal perception of reality. Believe in all that feels good and ignore the rest. This is your life and you get to choose what you prefer, no matter what anyone else thinks.

You are loved more than you could imagine.