Oh Joshua,

I read A Perception of Reality and it really shifted my whole outlook on life- a lot of concepts finally “clicked” in my mind. I’m now reading the Health, Wealth and Love book. I find myself wondering what to focus on in my life right now because to be honest I’m all over the place with my interests and passions and I’m just not sure what it is that I need to do with my time! I feel like the moment I get clarity I will be able to “run with it” so to speak, but until that clear vision comes together I find myself “in waiting mode” or “preparation” mode, which can be very exciting however there is a blanket feeling while waiting that I’m just wasting time- and that feels yucky.

I’m not inspired to start any huge projects even though I dream constantly that I’ll be my own boss one day, a creative entrepreneur. My biggest dream is to have children with the man of my dreams and the pattern in my life has been falling in love with men who already have kids and who are getting divorced or just recently divorced.

Anyways, I guess my question is vague- just looking for some insight into this long, and what seems like dormant, period of my life- gaining certain skills sets and life experiences and understanding but yet feeling like I’m not producing much fruit yet in terms of creativity and building wealth/financial freedom and a family of my own. Thank you for everything.


Dear Jade,

You are in a mode of discovery. It’s the discovery of self. By reaching for and finding these teachings, you are on a path of spiritual exploration. You are seeking more information. We would like to talk to you about the mindset required for you to find all that you are seeking. Release your need for any of it to manifest into your reality. Release the urge to make anything happen. Understand that what you think you want is not what you truly want. Realize that the intentions you set prior to your birth are guiding you though life. Your only work is to find and maintain alignment. You are called to something much greater than you can imagine. Do not resist that calling. Go with the flow of life. You do that through the alteration in your perception of reality; there is no wrong.

We are going to share with you the secret to engaging the Law of Attraction to bring you what you truly want. You must absolutely accept everything that exists in your life right now. There is nothing wrong.

If you want a mate and a family, you will not accept where you are right now because you notice that you lack a mate and a family and this will slow the process. If you go out and find a mate on your own, before you have come to absolutely accept your present conditions, that relationship will be based in lack.

If you want to start a business right now before you have absolutely accepted your place as you stand in this moment, that business will be based in lack and will never be the success that will fulfill you.

If you go out an pursue a passion before you have completely and totally accepted the fact that you are okay without a passion, that passion will never give you the bliss that is your birthright.

We feel that you can accept this idea now. There is no wrong. If you still perceive that something is wrong, you are not ready to allow the universe to bring you all that you want in the most elegant manner imaginable. There is no wrong.

In this time that you have before the manifestation of your desires, we suggest that you meditate daily. This will help you recognize resistant thoughts. We ask that you complete a daily spiritual practice and devote at least 10% of your day to setting your intentions, writing lists of things you appreciate, being grateful for what exists in your life now, and for what is to come, reading and listening to what inspires you and analyzing your limiting beliefs.

When you feel negative emotion, you have discovered a limiting belief. Instead of calling the event wrong or the people involved in the event bad, go inward to discover that limiting belief and then prove to yourself that it is false. All limiting beliefs are false no matter how true they seem to you. That is the illusion caused by fear. Believe that everything is right (and we mean literally everything) and all that you truly want will flow to you.

With our love,
We are Joshua