Hello Joshua,

For sometime now I have had visions or premonitions. I’m not sure how to interpret them of events happening in my life or around me. But most have affected me or my life in some form. For example I have had a bad feeling that something dangerous was about to happen in a surrounding that I was in and I had the feeling that I should leave the area immediately and for sure after I left there was a shooting or some other type of danger involved.

This has happened quite a few times in the past. But the most serious was when I had visions of something happening to my oldest son. This was between 2007-2008 I kept having emotions and visions tied to him dying in some way I never knew how. I just had every emotion tied to him dying. Sometimes I would wake from a deep sleep with tears in my eyes and in 2008 he passed away from a rare cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. He was 18 years old.

I kept praying for those feelings, visions and emotions to go away and it never did. That is until his death. It scared me so much. I want to know did I in some way create this event? I need to understand whatʼs going on with me and my intuition. The last event was last year in November 2015. I was sitting at my desk at work and I felt a sudden impact to my upper body as if I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. It was so vivid to the point I put my arm up to my face for a shield. This was around 3 to 4 in the afternoon. Once again I tried to change my thoughts and prayed for protection and for this emotion to disappear. The next day I found out that my youngest sister age 37 was involved in a motorcycle accident and had severed her spine. She lives over 1100 miles away from me. She eventually died from her injuries. After reading the police report the accident happened around the time I was having those visions.

I cant explain it. I don’t know who to talk to about these events. I just don’t want to feel like I’m creating these events and If I am, how to stop?. Thank you in advance for any assistance.


Dear Jacquelyn,

You cannot create in the reality of anyone else. Therefore, you certainly did not create the events that you perceived through your sense of intuition. Just as you did not create the sunrise you sensed through your eyes, you did not create any event you sensed through your intuition.

The physical world is made up of vibrations and you have the ability through your physical senses to interpret these vibrations in a way that makes sense to you. Most people have their physical senses intact and are able to navigate much of reality through their use. Some have senses that are more keen than others. You have a very keen sense of intuition and if you had been able to mostly sense what you believed was good, you would think of this as a gift rather than something to fear.

Similarly, had you witnessed tragedy through your eyes, you might not consider the sense of sight as a gift. If you believed that your observation of events through your eyes caused bad events to happen, you might wish not to have the ability to see. The same could be said of all your physical senses. However, we would like to point out that your highly developed sense of intuition is a gift, one that could be used to experience physical reality at a whole new level.

Some things you see with your eyes are pleasing and other things are not. This does not mean sight is not a gift. Some things you hear with your ears are pleasing, somethings are not. Some things taste, smell and feel good and other things do not. There is a vast array of potential experiences and your senses are used to experience reality in a physical way. Your sense of intuition is no different other than it being more pronounced than what is found currently among the human race. In time, more people will be born with and develop this sense further. You are on the leading edge of this ability. You can use your ability for good.

You were given this heightened level of awareness for a purpose. You intended to have this ability before your birth. This differentiation has led you on a certain more specific trajectory. You wanted this ability and now that you have it, you fear it. There is nothing to fear. It is a wonderful thing.

You can sense a broad range of vibration that is mostly lost on the rest of the population. Most of your intuitive abilities are subtle and you may even believe that they are common to most people. It is only when something in your personal reality occurs which is powerful that you become aware of the broadest implications of your gift. When tragedy or danger strikes, your senses are acutely tuned to those vibrations and you feel it strongly. However, you are also very aware of the subtle vibrations of people, places and things that occur beneath the surface. You can sense the truth of things. You can know what is really happening if you decide to focus your intuitive sense upon the subject at hand.

So we ask that you see your gift as a gift and not something to be feared. Your son and sister were on their paths. There is no death, no loss and no separation. They are with you at all times and you can use your intuitive abilities to communicate with them. This was all setup in the nonphysical and it is a wonderful thing indeed.

Please continue to communicate with us. You are loved more than you can imagine and everything is alright.