Dear Joshua,

I’d like to be able to communicate with you (Joshua) directly, would you be interested? What do I need to do for this to happen?


Dear Jacob,

Of course you can communicate with us. It is the most natural thing in the world. We are available to you anytime you like. All you have to do is reach vibrational alignment with us. You have reached vibrational alignment with a version of us and so you are very close. All you have to do to communicate directly with us is to have the desire and also the belief that it is possible.

We are Joshua. This version of us is really a co-creation with us and Gary. Gary is in vibrational alignment with us and therefore he is able to translate our messages. However, it is a unique translation because Gary (like everyone) is a unique person. The way he interprets our message is different than anyone else who receives our messages. This co-creation is called Joshua. If we were to communicate with you or anyone else, we would be called by a different name if a name was even necessary.

We are fully available to you whenever you want us. It is natural for you to communicate with us. It is easy for you to do it as long as you have reached our vibration and you trust that what you are receiving is direct communication from higher intelligence. Simply ask for the communication and allow yourself to receive it and believe it. This is the hurdle for most people.

It might help to practice meditation. Your mind is swimming with uncontrolled thoughts. You have a very busy mind and it would help to gain a bit more control over the thoughts you are thinking. Meditation will help with this. We are pleased that you are interested in communicating with us. Some find it easier to receive the communication through Gary and that will work perfectly well for you too.

However, if you want to communicate directly, work on raising your vibration, having a little faith, opening your belief system, and quieting your mind. When you reach alignment with us, you’ll be fully aware of it. With our love,

We are Joshua