Dear Joshua,

I read a lot on the topic of our expansion and over time I’ve come across many references to “ascension to the 5th Dimension” which I understand loosely as a reference to our ever continuing growth and expansion to higher vibrations.

1. Can you please explain from your perspective what this 5th dimension refers to?

2. As we expand and spend more and more time at higher vibrations is there a physical aspect that we should be aware of? In other words does the physical body feel any changes/symptoms? I would assume if there were any symptoms they would be fleeting?

Thanks again to you and Gary for creating such a valuable forum and sharing your wisdom so graciously.


Dear Jacky,

Humans at this time are transitioning from fear to love. They are moving from the 3rd dimension of physical reality where they live in duality seeking to control the conditions from a stance of fear into a reality where conditions are created or seen as perfect from a stance of love. In the 3rd dimension you are a victim of fate, in the 5th dimension, you are the creator of your own reality.

There are only two emotions; love and fear. There are two approaches to life, duality and neutrality. There are two perspectives; limited and higher. In the 3rd dimension, you live in duality, judging everything as good or bad, right or wrong. In the 5th dimension you see everything as neutral and you determine how it works for you. You look at the conditions from the higher perspective and you view everything from a fearless basis of love knowing that the universe responds to you.

We teach you to look at your world from our higher perspective. This is the perspective of the 5th dimension. This is the perspective where everything is right, where everything is created by you, where everything supports what you want and who you really are. This is the perspective that looks at the reality you see in a way that pierces the illusion. This is the perspective that physical reality is a playground designed for your joyous expansion.?

You are expanding whether you see your world in the 3rd or 5th dimension. You cannot help but to expand. However, you may expand rom a position of the victim or expand from a position of the creator. You can expand joyously or you can resist the expansion and suffer as you do so. As you shift your perspective, you will be aligned more often with your inner self and you will feel positive emotion far more often than negative emotion. You will feel joy more often than sorrow. You will be delighted more often than saddened.

As you adopt this new approach to life in the 5th dimension, everything will become more. Your vibration will rise to new heights and in doing so the physical world will become more delicious. Everything, including people, will look more beautiful. You will look more beautiful. Your Earth will look more beautiful, radiant and stunning. You will notice coincidences and you will peer through the illusion of reality. You will encounter more things that make you stop and pay attention. You will laugh more. You will have more energy. You will feel better. You will become more conscious about what you’re doing, thinking and talking about. You will become more aware.

Now is the time for you to move from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension. From the most basic form of physical reality, to the enlightened form of physical reality. The Earthly environment has always been a blend of physical and nonphysical, yet most could not see past the imagery created by their five senses. When one who is fully involved in the illusion of physical reality uses his imagination, he completely disregards that aspect of reality. He assumes if it cannot be touched, seen, tasted, heard or smelled, it isn’t real and therefore it has no importance in life. However, you have feelings and this you cannot deny. Why do you have these feelings? You cannot translate your feelings with any of your senses, yet they are just as real as the mountain or the ocean. You cannot see, hear, smell, taste of feel your thoughts. Do they not exist? Of course they do. Yet 3-dimensional man does not acknowledge that they are physical. A manifestation of a thought is seen differently than a manifestation of a physical object, yet it is the same process.

So we would say that you and many, many others are on your way out of the 3rd dimension and into the 5th dimension. It may have taken a while to get here, but the process is a simple one. It will be easy for you and difficult for others. This is a personal transition and you cannot do anything to help another other than be an example of the ease of the process. Share what you know with those who show an interest, but do not force those who are not yet ready. It will happen naturally for many and some will not want to change. It is completely up to each individual and everything will work out just right.

You are loved more than you could imagine,