Hi Joshua,

Thank you for all your insights. I have been following your teachings since the days of Steve and Janine your message resonates to my essence.

My question is where is the line between creating our reality and controlling the conditions blur or merge? It seems if we”create” our reality then we are, or can control it.

Thank you
Love you,

Dear Gregg,

The idea of control can only come from a limited perspective. You believe that when you move toward something you want, that you are doing it yourself and that you have some control. If you want something, you feel that you have to figure out how to do it on your own to manifest it into your reality. In this belief lies two false premises; 1) that you know what you want and 2) that you know how it should come to be. You do not know either.

What you think you want is the feeling that you will have when it is manifested. This is backwards. The universe does not work like this. You do not receive the feeling when you manifest the thing you think you want. For instance, if you were to win the lottery, you believe you would receive the feelings of security, abundance, freedom and ease. This is just not true. If you do not already feel these things now, no manifestation will ever cause you to feel them, even if you believe it would.

In order to manifest anything, you must feel it first. The universe responds to how you already feel based on what you currently believe to be true for you. As you develop your new set of beliefs that align with who you really are, you will begin to feel more of those things you intended to feel prior to your birth. You intended to accept the conditions, people and the world around you. You intended to feel absolute acceptance of all of it. You intended to experience freedom and abundance, not to chase these feelings. You intended to expand in joy. You intended to feel ease. In the embrace and acceptance of what is, you would naturally feel joy, love, ease, freedom and abundance and so these feelings would manifest on their own in your reality.

You did not intend to manifest anything specific, but rather you knew that the universe would bring you manifestations that best reflected how you already feel. You did not want to control these manifestations, because you knew your perspective would be limited. You intended to leave it up to the brilliance and infinite intelligence of the universe. You wanted to be delighted by what the universe would choose to bring you. You knew that the universe would create elegant manifestations that reflected how you were feeling.

Your beliefs inform your feelings and so you receive a match to the vibration of what you are already feeling. The manifestations must conform to your beliefs, otherwise this reality would would not make sense. For instance, if you feel worthy, the universe could not present manifestations that resonated with feelings of unworthiness and vice versa. Therefore, you need control nothing other than your beliefs and feelings. If you want to experience something new, do not fixate on the specific manifestation you think would make you feel good. Instead adjust your beliefs so that you feel aligned with who you really are and what you truly want and then sit back and watch what the universe brings to you. This is an environment of receiving. You truly do not create anything by yourself, you allow it to be received. Let the power and energy of the universe bring you what aligns with how you are feeling. Improve how you are feeling by addressing your set of beliefs. Do the daily work to increase the intensity of beneficial beliefs and reduce the intensity of limiting beliefs. Believe yourself to be more magnificent than you can imagine and let the universe create a reality around how good you feel. You do this not through any form of control, but through the absolute and unconditional acceptance of what is.

With our love,
We are Joshua