Dear Joshua,

How do I “clear energies” or change/reset atmosphere in a room? Is it beneficial?


Dear Genevee,

Let’s imagine that a room has certain energy within it. From your perspective, you may feel as if it has positive or negative energy. However, the idea of positive and negative is a judgment based on your perspective. If you perceive that the room is full of positive energy, then that comes from your perspective, just as it would if you perceived the room to be full of negative energy. In fact, the room (as well as everything else) is neutral. Your judgment defines it.

Let’s say you walk into a room full of angry people. What is the energy of this room? Is it negatively charged? If so, how did it become negatively charged? Was it the room of angry people or was it your perception of the angry people. Did their limited emotional state cause you to drop into their vibration? Certainly not, for they have no power to create in your reality. They simply influenced you away from your own alignment.

In alignment, you engage the energy that creates worlds. Out of alignment, you temporarily remove some of your connection from that energy. If other people influence you out of alignment, then that is your choosing. You do not ever have to be influenced out of your own alignment. You have the power to remain firm in your alignment. If you do, your energy will create a new energy in the room for you. Others may or may not notice this new energy, but you become the influencer rather than the influenced.

All the power to create in your reality is up to you. If other people choose to believe they are powerless to the current vibration of the environment, that is their business. Most other people believe they are the victim to circumstances beyond their control. And so they look for guidance outside themselves. They are allowing their limiting beliefs to force their emotional state of being. If they perceive that something outside of them can create in their reality, then they will use crystals, magic 8-balls, candles, aroma therapy, salt blocks, smudging, and other devices to allow them to believe that they have some power over their reality. In fact, the power comes from their vibration and they have the ability to increase the intensity of beneficial beliefs and reduce the intensity of limiting beliefs. They do not understand this simple fact. They are not aware of who they really are. They do not consciously exercise their power to engage the laws of the universe. They rely on external tricks. However, you know better.

All creation is your creation. All power is found within. You never, ever need to change the external conditions. All you have to do is find a way to maintain your alignment. In alignment, you gain the clarity to feel the energy of a room. You may understand what that feeling is telling you. If you feel the room is full of energy and life, then you are in alignment, for this is the natural state of any room you walk into when in alignment. If you judge the energy of the room to be bad, you are experiencing a negative emotion.

Your inner self is letting you know that you are seeing the illusion of bad. In reality, it is neutral. Now apply what you know, find your own alignment, raise the energy of the room through your love and acceptance of all, and become an example that influences others into their own alignment. It is now time for you to step into your own power.

With our love,
We are Joshua