Dear Joshua,

I am so excited to write this question to you. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot and I want to ask it in the best way. I have listened to Gary and the roundtables podcasts for about 8 weeks now. It started with the idea to relax and watch something on Netflix. That led me to The Secret which led me to Gary’s Podcast. I also realized that I have owned the Abraham-Hicks book for a couple of years (not really knowing what it was about). I have since purchased “A Perception of Reality” and have immersed myself into all of this information and I absolutely love it! For me it feels easy to understand and it’s so comforting. I sometimes feel a physical reaction of and a feeling of joy just thinking about it.

To preface my question, I will share a little of my personal background (from this life). Some events happened in my childhood that profoundly impacted me causing me to grow into an adult having lots of fear and insecurities. I had and still have fear and beliefs of unworthiness and failure. I have fear of not getting what I truly want. These fears and false beliefs caused me to unconsciously choose certain thoughts and things. I’ve experienced years of bad relationships, an eating disorder, depression and drug use. For five years I was in a relationship with someone that reflected all of my fears.

During our time together, my unhealthy choices and negative thinking compounded. I was miserable during the majority of our relationship. I occasionally searched for help through books, bouts of meditation, medication, exercise and therapy but nothing worked. On August 12, 2016 my life changed forever. I discovered that my husband was having an affair with a much younger girl. When I confronted him he was so angry. His words to me that night were mean and immensely hurtful. At a time when I literally feel to my knees in pain he was there to kick dirt on my back and offered no comfort. His words and attitude in the weeks to follow were all things the opposite of love. It was a heart wrenching experience and it reinforced all of the things I secretly believed about myself.

Following that event, I sold almost all of my possessions, left our home and moved in with my family. I had no money saved, a large credit card debt and no assets (since our home was in my husband’s name). I felt completely broken. What followed was three months of utter depression and continued substance use. I felt dead inside of a physical body. I spent a night in jail after a fight with my ex and did 6-weeks of intensive therapy. I was hopeless and suicidal at times. I knew that I had made poor choices but I believed, deep down, I was a kind and loving person that didn’t deserve this painful reality. My days were dark and life wasn’t worth this pain. So I cried out to God. I asked “God, please help me. Please! I can’t do this. Please, I’ll do anything, just take away my pain”. Prior to this point I didn’t have a close relationship with God. I believed there was something bigger and greater than anything but I was certain that no one (no even religious leaders) was really capable of understanding it.

After my cries out to God, things slowly started to change. It started with going into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for help with my addictions. Simultaneously, I found a meditation group on I had always had a strong desire to meditate but could never do it consistently. I started going to 12-step meetings regularly and the meditation meetup. I later found out that this meditation meet-up is set-up for followers of Paramahansa Yogananda. This experience was so foreign to me. Here I was saying prayers to a lineage of spiritual beings having no understanding of whom or what they really were but I kept going and started a daily meditation practice. I also subscribed to Yogananda’s spiritual lessons though the Self Realization Fellowship. I didn’t know where any of these things would take me but I felt like it was what I needed to do and what I wanted to do.

On the week of February 26 through March 5th, I went on a cruise to the Bahamas and read ʻThe Autobiography of a Yogi’ (also a book I owned for a few years without knowing what it was) and had a profound experience. I feel in love with Yogananda and his stories. I loved the book so much I slept with it next to me. On March 4th, during my morning meditation, I felt something come to me. It felt like a rush of loving energy swept over me and I broke down in tears. I got on my knees and cried with love and gratitude. I then made the decision to immerse myself more into my relationship with God and I believe that Yogananda came to me to guide me along the way. I’ve basically had what people in the physical world would call a “spiritual awakening”. What’s most interesting to me about Joshua and Yogananda’s teachings are the overlapping messages. Yogananda’s messages are basically the Law of Attraction but stated in an alternative way. Here are just a few of the similarities Joshua’s manifestation events are lessons that we must learn in our physical reality to get closer to God.

Bad habits of the mind can be changed by focusing the mind on the opposite. God will give you everything you need if you ask. Spiritual existence in different universal realms with the ability on non-physical beings to travel between them.

An infinite reality with the ability to manifest anything you want in higher realities. With all this said I want to say that my life today, just 7 months after dooms day, is so much better. I feel so happy! I’m so excited about my life, although I’m basically in the same environment and desire certain things to be different I’m so grateful for everything! I attribute my shift to God, Yogananda and Joshua. I’m working on shifting my negative perspectives and limiting beliefs. It’s such hard work. Around every corner it feels like a lesson is about to happen and that can be uncomfortable and exciting at the same time. It feels like a veil has been lifted and life is so bright and beautiful.

I don’t really know how to phrase my question because it feels like several small questions…I guess I would like to know what Joshua has to say about devotion to God. In what I’ve learned this is an essential component to getting what you truly desire. A person must pray before everything and ask for guidance for answers etc. God is in charge and devotion through prayer and meditation is necessary. I believe more understanding will come with time but what says Joshua about the different spiritual paths, the bible, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita, saints, gurus, sages, etc. and the work required to ultimate freedom.

All the love in the Universe,
Geneve Vernique

Dear Geneve,

What a powerful and compelling story! We can see from our perspective that what you have experienced is an enlightenment created by the trajectory caused by the experience of your youth. Now, if you can understand that all of this has happened for your specific growth and experience, you can move onto the next level. We love what you have read and what you have come to believe about God and universal forces. We would agree with everything you said, but we have a slightly different take of certain specific things and we believe our perspective will help you move to another level of consciousness. Let us begin.

You are God. God is not separate from you. When you ask God to help you, God is contained within every fiber of your being. You are God and God is you and you can never be separated to God. Having a devotion to God is the same thing as having a devotion to yourself just as you are in this moment without anything about yourself having to be different than it is. God is perfect and you are perfect as you are in this moment and so you are God. God is not a separate entity casting judgment on you. You judge yourself and that is the only judgment there is. Learn to judge yourself more favorably and you will not believe how your world will be transformed.

You, as God, chose the time and place of your birth, your parents, and your body so that you could experience something that would cause you to seek out a new experience of life. You knew that this would launch you on a trajectory. Why would anyone do this? Because, as God, you wanted a defining experience and a road to redemption. You wanted to go through the experience and come out the other side transformed into something that has never existed until now. You are God, therefore you are brave enough and strong enough to experience what you would describe as this ordeal. Yet, it is not truly an ordeal, it is simply a new experience from God’s perspective and it is an important experience.

Through the experience, you birthed strong and powerful desires. God did not answer your prayers. Your desire and your willingness to change caused the universe, through the Law of Attraction, to bring you that which you needed, when you needed it. That is how the mechanism of physical reality works. This is the basis of the system. And now, standing where you are with so much more clarity, you can create any desire you wish and you can allow it to manifest into your reality. You see, there is no power in the universe greater than you. There is no entity more advanced than you. There is nothing stronger than you. This is an experiential reality and you have experienced a lot and have expanded as a result. This is what you intended prior to your birth.

You could have intended to be born to a different family and have an easy life always being told that you were worthy and valued, but this life would not have allowed you to create the desires for the experience of transformation. That kind of life would not have led you to the books you read, to the perception you hold, and to the questions you ask. You are one of the very few to find us and this means your vibration has been raised very high indeed. You are one of the very select people on earth to receive an answer to your specific question. We are answering your question because it is meaningful and can help many others who are seeking transformation.

Manifestation events occur anytime you choose to see something as bad or wrong and you feel negative emotion. They are not exactly lessons, but opportunities to alter your perspective so that it aligns with the perspective your inner self has on the very same subject. While there is information contained within the manifestation event, you are not being taught anything, just being made aware that you are looking at the subject in a way that is not empowering. You are God, an eternal and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. That is the authentic and true you. That is who you will be when you transition to nonphysical. You will know that then and you can know that now. There is nothing you need to do to transform into that version of you other than to release your fears. Each time you enter a manifestation event, you are given the opportunity to reduce the intensity of another fear. Each time you reduce the intensity of a fear, your vibration raises.

When you feel negative emotion, you sink into a lower emotional state of being and you attract thoughts that resonate with those lower vibrations. It’s not really a bad habit of thought, it’s just a misunderstanding of how the mind works. You do not manufacture your thoughts, you attract them based on how you are feeling. If you feel good, you’ll attract thoughts that resonate with how you feel. That’s why it’s so important to feel good. If you don’t feel good, you will attract bad-feeling thoughts. When you recognize a negative thought, you can reach for a better-feeling thought. That takes practice and meditation helps tremendously. This is the art of conscious creation.

The universe brings you everything you need as soon as you create a desire for it. You ask not with your words, but with your vibration. Your vibration emits a very powerful signal out to the universe and the universe responds immediately. All you have to do is allow it to come and not resist it. You resist it because you think it should come differently than it does. You believed your husband did something wrong. There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. You are free from that life and you have moved to a new life where you have the chance to live wonderfully and free as a worthy person. The universe brought you here by giving you everything you needed to free yourself from your old life. You resisted it, but eventually you allowed it to happen.

You are a spiritual being existing in physical reality and the nonphysical realm simultaneously. You feel real, living in this tangible environment of space and time, but the larger part of you, your inner self, exists in the nonphysical realm. Nonphysical entities are focused on this earth reality just as you are and they are very interested in your experience of life. They are with you now as you are reading this and you have the ability to feel them and communicate with them whenever you want. Gary is communicating with us and you can do something quite similar if you desire it.

You are a self-contained being with the ability to do, be, and have anything you want in this reality. This is the basis of the universe. Ask and it is given. It is yours as long as you allow it to come. The way you allow is to accept that everything is right and that nothing is wrong. It might not be what you prefer, but it is not wrong. You can allow others to experience it and you can move toward that which you prefer. Nothing truly exists outside of yourself. You have within you all you need to live whatever life you desire. You do not have to change a thing other than your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings about what has happened in the past. Release resentment and regret because everything occurred just as you knew it would so that you can be here now right in the middle of a glorious transformation.

You are transforming from one who is unaware of their magnificence to one who knows her worthiness. That is the most elegant transformation of all and it is happening for you, not to you.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.
We are Joshua