Dear Joshua,

I have been following the teachings of Abraham for some time now and although I appreciate and accept the idea that we are vibrational beings (being the extension of the non-physical world) in a physical body and that we can create our existence through our thoughts and emotions, certain points remain obscure. How do you explain that some people are born with a severe disability or an incurable disease? Is it the trajectory chosen by our inner being that wishes to experience a specific event given all past and previous lives, and if so, are we just the puppets in the hands of our inner being? Or are they the vibrations emitted even before our birth? If you are born with a disability, such as a blind person or a person with a serious illness, what are the chances of the person overcoming this condition? If one applies the principles of the law of attraction, is it possible to change and overcome any condition? Or can we just live somehow with this condition?

I thank you a lot in advance, regards,

Dear Florian,

This is a wonderful question and we are happy to share our perspective. Why do some choose to come to experience things, that from your perspective, are not what you would choose to explore. Why would some choose poverty, loneliness, fear, self-doubt, being too tall or too short, being too beautiful or too ugly, being too black or too white, being born in Pakistan or Cleveland, being born male or female, being born straight or gay, being born intelligent, autistic, creative, logical, emotional, unemotional, or whatever it is? We could go on and on and on about all the different possibilities of life experience. Why wouldn’t everyone want to be born rich, good-looking, talented, intelligent, and creative? Because that is not very interesting, is it?

Compare the number of those who exist on earth today who came to experience poverty and lack compared with abundance and wealth. There has never been more people experiencing poverty to such a comparative degree than there is at this time in the history of your world. There has never been a more abundant time in the history of your world. There has never been such disparity in the history of your world. While it is true that everything is getting better and better because powerful desires are being born in every moment, there is also never been a better time to explore the diversity of life experience that is available to those who choose it. What did you choose?

The only thing that matters is what you chose for yourself. Have you discovered that yet? Are you consumed with the desire for all those who appear to you to be less fortunate (or unlucky) to receive better fortune? Would you like to take away the experiences that they came for? Would you like to wipe out all suffering, misery, need, etc.? If you did that, then there would be no need to birth new desires. If there was nothing new to desire, why would anyone come?

You came here to explore reality in your own unique way. Think about what it is you personally want to explore and allow everyone else to explore life as they intended. There is no wrong, there is no luck, nothing random happens, it is all a response to your vibration. It is all created from the intentions you set prior to your birth. Now that you are here and have already birthed your personal desires, you can turn your focus to absolutely anything you want. But do not think for a moment that it is your responsibility to create in the reality of anyone other than you. They are perfectly capable of choosing the reality they prefer and they neither need or want your help. You get to focus on anything you like and you can leave the rest to everyone else.

In the nonphysical, which is your home, you can be, do, and have anything you want, but there is no fear and so desire is not easily created. You feel love, but to really understand love you might choose to experience fear in the physical world. In the nonphysical, you live abundantly, but you might choose to really get to understand abundance by experiencing some lack in the physical world. In the nonphysical, you know that you are perfect, free from any flaws. In the physical world, you might choose an experience where you start by believing that you are flawed and through this you can understand that you are perfect as you are without the need to compare yourself to some ideal. The ideal is an illusion because there is no ideal. Everyone and everything is perfect as it is and never, ever needs to be different than it is. It is all right and it is all perfect.

With our love for the perfection that is you and the perfection that is your earth,
We are Joshua