Dear Joshua,

Again, wanted to say thank you. This bootcamp is awesome. I feel so much more ease than 6 weeks ago. It’s day 42 and I have a question.

I have been noticing my fears much more and reducing the intensity of limiting beliefs as I encounter them and am so much less controlling. My new mantra is ‘there is no wrong in the universe’ and it helps so much. My question is the following: am I right to believe that whilst I am in this physical reality I will always have a limited perspective and fear and I will never ever feel ease and bliss all the time as this is not the purpose of physical reality, which enables me encounter contrast and expand. I would return to nonphysical if I wanted constant bliss.

Could you give me your Higher perspective on this?


Dear Fabienne,

You intended to come to physical reality for the expansion that this environment can provide. In the nonphysical, you exist in a state of pure bliss without the possibility of experiencing real fear or contrast. You might play around with scenarios, but since you are always looking at everything in the nonphysical from the higher perspective, it is really not possible to experience contrast in the way you are able to do so here in physical reality.

If you absolutely knew you were eternal and you can come and go into and out of physical reality any time you liked, you would not experience contrast or fear because you would always hold the higher perspective. This is why you cannot really remember your life in the nonphysical or in any other past lives. There is always some doubt and so this keeps your perspective limited and provides for the possibility of contrast. However, we say that contrast causes expansion as does all other experiences. You could live without contrast, but there is another part of the story.

You have desires. These desires are calling you to become a vibrational match to them. Your vibration is not a match to your desires and this is why they have not manifested into your reality. In order for you to become a match, you must change your vibration. Your vibration is formed and influenced by your beliefs. You have beneficial and limiting beliefs. This set of beliefs must change in order for your vibration to become a match to what you want.

In order to change your beliefs, you must address negative emotions to process your limiting beliefs. If you skip this step, you will encounter manifestation events. These events contain information, but they are not bad events. You perceive them as bad only because you experience negative emotion and feel bad. You associate your bad feelings with the events and you call the events wrong. The events are not wrong, they are gifts containing information. If you saw them as gifts, you would expand in joy. This is the higher perspective.

Yes, your perspective is limited, but it need not be. You have been conditioned to believe that negative emotion is a bad thing. It’s not. It is simply guidance. You have the potential to view all things from the higher perspective if you choose. Do you choose to? Will you choose to? That is up to you. If you choose the higher perspective, then there is little contrast. If you choose to look at life from a limited perspective, you will feel intense negative emotion and it will linger. Isn’t it nice to know that the choice is yours?

With our love,
We are Joshua