Dear Joshua,

First of all I wanted to thank you so much. Your response coupled with a Joshua live call gave me the answer I needed yesterday. I’d heard that sentence before but it just clicked. I am so grateful (in ways that I can’t express in words) as this morning all I can say is that I feel like my heart is signing and it feels soooooooooooo goooooood.

I have a quick question if I may which is a bit like ‘chicken and egg’ which comes first. What comes first – the thought or the emotion? I know my vibration will attract specific thoughts but do I need to take care of the way I feel first so that I attract thoughts/ inspirations or can I notice where my thoughts are and think of something else/turn the other cheek and raise my vibration as a result?

Many thanks,

Dear Fabienne,

The thought (or the manifestation event) comes as a response to your vibration. For instance, if you are feeling good and you see a beautiful sunset, you will receive an emotion. This might be the emotion of joy. The emotion comes as a response to how you are being, what you are perceiving, and your mood/attitude in this moment. The emotion is an indication of a belief. In this case, the belief is beneficial (“I live in a beautiful world”), and your inner self is sending you confirmation that you are on the right track and that you are viewing reality as it really is. Your vibration is in alignment with who you really are and what you truly want. This is why you receive the positive emotion.

If you are being ornery, then your vibration is signaling the universe that you are now focused on what you do not prefer. The universe will respond with thoughts and conditions that match the vibration you are emitting. You will receive a thought that perfectly matches how you feel. You might think about something that you do not prefer and you immediately see the thought as wrong. Your inner self will now notify you that 1) you are not seeing the true reality of the situation and 2) you have a limiting belief (also, it is making you aware that your current train of thought is the exploration of something that you do not prefer).

The thought comes and the emotion follows. A manifestation event is no different than a thought in this regard. The manifestation event is simply more obvious than your thought and so it has a better chance of capturing your attention. If you could realize the resistant thoughts as they occur, you could process the limiting belief, feel relief, and return to alignment. There would be no need for the manifestation event. However, you are not used to noticing resistant thoughts or acknowledging the subtle negative emotion associated with these thoughts. So the universe must place you in situations that will give you the opportunity to notice what you are thinking, what you are perceiving, the level of your perspective, how you are being, and ultimately, the vibration you are emitting.

It might appear as if the negative emotion causes the negative thought and this is true to an extent. It’s a spiral. You emit a vibration and then attract a thought. The lower vibration attracts a resistant thought (the thought that things should be different) and you receive negative emotion. The negative emotion is fear and you perceive it as a bad feeling and so this tends to dip you into an even lower emotional state of being. Now you attract even more resistant thoughts and more negative emotion. However, the spiral need not occur if you can catch yourself at the initial thought. The negative emotion need not be so painful if you can realize that it is simply guidance from your inner self.

Your inner self guides you through the use of emotions. Your inner self also guides you through inspiration and intuition. The universe helps you see what your vibration is communicating, because it always brings you a match to that vibration. You change your vibration by processing your fears and limiting beliefs. This causes you to adjust your perspective. From the higher perspective, you see everything through a lighter and clearer lens. This causes your vibration to raise even further and spiral upwards.

You will always face resistance as you move toward who you really are and what you really want. Your inner self is there to guide you all the way. The universe simply brings you a reflection of what you are emitting through your vibration. It’s the basic design of the system. Pay attention to the resistant thoughts you think and the associated emotions and do your work internally. This will allow you to skip past many manifestation events, because they are now unnecessary.

With our love,
We are Joshua