Dear Joshua,

I have a quick question for you. This week as I leap into the new approach to life, I have noticed that I absolutely used to LOVE drama and that it felt good to talk and gossip with others. Can gossip actually feel good? It is obviously judging others as wrong and wanting them to be different (and the conditions) so how can it feel good? Could you give me your Higher Perspective on this.


Dear Fabienne,

There is no wrong anywhere in the universe. Your inner self knows that nothing is wrong. You can be, have and do anything you like in this reality. If something is exciting, interesting or fun for you, then your inner self will agree with it. It does not matter what the subject is. You could play with matches, light a house on fire and revel in the fun of burning down someone else’s house. You might feel good depending on your perspective. The fact is that there is no wrong. You could be a terrorist and shoot down a drone or a helicopter and feel great exhilaration. It depends on your perspective. It is not wrong, because there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. It is all right.

So then, the question remains, is the action aligned with who you really are and what you truly want? You are being called to something greater than who you are now being. Your inner self is focused on your life and helping you receive all that you want. This includes your true desires (those that you intended prior to your birth) and all the things you think you want. It is all up to you.

You might be exploring the subject of lack and so when you think that you are not abundant, your inner self sends you a note in the form of negative emotion. Your inner self knows that you are abundant, you are simply focused on what you do not prefer. If you decide to make a million dollars by robbing a bank and getting away with it, you will feel exhilaration because you are pushing past fear to do something you think you want. However, these actions are not aligned with who you really are. Your inner self is guiding you to everything you want; true and false desires included. But the intentions you set prior to your birth have power and as you make your way to becoming more authentic, the false desires will bring less satisfaction because they are incongruent.

When you ignore who you are, you can pursue activities that feel good even though they don’t match who you really are. As you become more authentic, these incongruent activities will hold less appeal.

With our love,
We are Joshua