Dear Joshua,

Thanks for another fab call yesterday. It made me realise how much I control and have controlled all my life and how much I live in fear. Since then, I feel really immense sadness. In fact I cried for 30 minutes after our call last night. I know that my inner guide clearly does not see this situation as I do. I have tried looking at the limiting belief and looking for the higher perspective but am really struggling. Can you help?

Many thanks

Dear Fabienne,

The immense sadness you felt was not negative emotion, per se, it was a release of resistance, tension, control, anxiety and stress. We are hopeful that you will have many more moments like this as you take inventory of your beliefs and release those that do not serve you. Who you are is a limitless and magnificent being of pure positive love and acceptance. You will come to realize that more and more and more as you continue to practice what you are learning now. Continue to do the work. Continue to meditate. Continue to process your limiting beliefs. Continue to release your need for control and embrace absolute acceptance as your new approach to life.

Everything is good and right in the moment. Nothing is bad or wrong. It is all working out for you. You simply perceive fear where there is real no fear. It is an illusion. Your inner self does not see what you are seeing and so when you take a little detour, your inner self will notify you with a specific negative emotion. Take the time to think about the emotion and why you are receiving it in this moment. It is always divine guidance and you can always appreciate it. This is a different approach to life, but it is one that leverages universal forces to bring you all that you truly want in life.

If something happens in your reality, it is always for your benefit in some way. If your house burns down, excellent, you will receive a house you enjoy more. If your husband leaves you, wonderful, you will receive someone even more spectacular. If you break your leg, fantastic, something wonderful is coming to you. If you can understand the big events are always for you and always leading you to something more wonderful, you can do the same with the little events. There is no need to control anything. However, in resistance you dip below the emotional horizon line and you receive urges to control the conditions. If you take action on these urges, you will take a detour and so the life you are born to live is kept from you until you learn what you need to learn in that detour and you come back to your path.

The life you intended to live will feel incredibly good to you. It will feel exhilarating, challenging, blissful, productive, and rewarding. However, you cannot see that life yet. Your vibration is not yet at that level. If we were to describe it to you, it would bring up a bit of fear because you are not vibrationally up to speed with that amazing life. If you allow yourself to go with the flow of life accepting that everything is for you and controlling nothing, your vibration will raise quickly through experience. However, if you insist on maintaining any control at all, you will face some resistance and this will slow down the rate at which your vibration will raise. If you see that everything is right, you will be less resistant and you will occupy more space above the emotional horizon line.

This will allow you to receive inspiration. You will act when inspired and you will push through the small fears that arise. You will have faith that the action itself will lead you forward and this action will be critical to manifesting your destiny.

It is interesting to note that those of you involved in the first Joshua bootcamp are such powerful creators and intrepid explorers, but you cannot see it. How wonderful the universe is to bring you all together. We can see the magnificence in all of you. You can see it in others. Yet, you find it so difficult to see it in yourself. When you learn to view yourself from the highest perspective imaginable, it will feel uncomfortable for a bit.

There will be a bit of a wobble. But if you can maintain that high perspective on yourself, the universe will reveal to you just how magnificent you truly are. Now wouldn’t that be a nice experience?

With our love,
We are Joshua