Dear Joshua,

On Sunday night I woke up a bit startled shortly before midnight and my whole body felt weird. The only way I can describe is that I know I had slept awkwardly and had twisted my neck as I had marks on my face and my neck ached but then the whole of my face (and tongue) and parts of my body went slightly numb. I have had at least 3 other times in the past and these events (which always happen at night) often lead to an ‘aha’ moment or some personal growth.

When it first happened because I was in fear I thought I was having a stroke and would be dying but now I relax and I heard a ‘click’ in the back of my head and the symptoms started to disappear…

I was wondering if this is what is actually happening? A bit like my body is catching up with my vibration?

Thanks very much,

Dear Fabienne,

Think about the timing of this event. It occurred on the eve of starting a new and exciting program. You have set the intention to raise your vibration and to do work to adjust your set of beliefs and become a match to what you want. You are moving in a direction and you have certain expectations and fears around the course of this movement. You want to arrive at a point that will help you manifest your desires. You are attached to an outcome and your body is providing you with an easy manifestation event. Your body asks you to relax, accept and have faith.

There is nothing you need to accomplish. There is no specific outcome you need to become attached to. All you must know is that you acted on inspiration to enroll in the study program. If you worry about things tomorrow, next week, next moth, or at the end of the bootcamp, you will not be present for what is happening today. This has been your mode of operation for your entire life over the age of five. Now it is time to relax, trust and have faith.

You do not need to do everything. You must learn to trust that it is the universe that takes care of everything. You will act when inspired and when not, there is no need to do anything. Simply focus on that which is in front of you today and forget about tomorrow or yesterday. Process your limiting beliefs today. Be aware of manifestation events today. Identify inspiration to act today. Pay attention to your emotional state of being as you move through this day. Notice when you want to control things today. Do the work today and the life you intended to live will become your tomorrow.

Most of all during this time together, think about your persona. This is the selffabricated idea of who you are. It is false. It is a highly limited version of the real you. It causes you to become tense. You are trying to maintain control. Relax and let go of all control by accepting what is in front of you today. The more you let go of control and remove your attachment from specific outcomes, the easier you will feel and the more you will go with the flow of what is happening. What is happening never needs to be controlled. It was always, is always, and will always be right. Trying to control it is resistance. That is the old approach to life. In order to fully engage the Law of Attraction to create the life you prefer, you must adopt a stance of absolute acceptance of yourself, of all others, and of the conditions as they exist. Without that total acceptance of what is, you will never fully engage the law of attraction. You will always be operating in opposition to those laws. You will be living the old approach to life.

You must understand that your persona is limiting. It keeps you in a box. It exposes you to perceived fears, which also limits who you believe yourself to be. Do not care about your persona. Do not try to keep up appearances. Do not concern yourself with the opinion of others. Release your need to be good, perfect, or responsible. You can give all of that up. In this time of the bootcamp, strive to identify the authentic Fabienne hiding inside the perceived safety of the false Fabienne.

With our love,
We are Joshua