Dear Gary and Joshua,

I am so grateful for your answer last week. It has made such an impact in my life. So thanks again! Another question has come up for me since then and I hope you won’t mind answering it again. Since the shift, I have felt more in the present and more aware of my “feelings” and I have been focusing on the positive and as a result, I seem to be getting more “flashes of inspiration” or reminders of things which I know I would have otherwise forgotten.

I am also feeling the need to meditate even more regularly. Does this mean that I am getting more in touch with my “inner guidance” as a result and that the more I focus on the feel good, the stronger the connection will become?

The other thing is that I am currently teaching languages at Uni but my passion and interests lie in taking all my understanding of law of attraction, mindfulness, NLP into Education so that parents, teachers and students who are ready for these can come across these concepts. I also speak French and Spanish and would like to do this in these languages too. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how best to proceed with this. I really feel so good when I do what I love. Parts of my current job aren’t as enjoyable. Do I simply focus on the positives in every situation and to allow for things to naturally unfold without making any specific plans? Thanks again for all your answers. I am so happy and grateful to have found your teachings. Love to you and Gary and the team.


Dear Fabienne,

As you begin to understand the importance of feeling good and you start to consciously become aware of your feelings and strive to feel good, you align with the well-being that is inherent in this reality. When you feel good, you have entered the state of allowing and all things will begin to flow to you. The only thing you need do is feel good and understand that everything is happening for you. In those moments of not feeling good, understand that that is your guidance system at work and the event at the heart of the emotion was orchestrated to help alter limiting beliefs that do not serve you. When you change your perspective on a subject so that it now feels good (or at least doesn’t feel bad) you have once again entered the state of allowing.

This is all you need to do. The universe knows exactly what you want in the most minute detail. You could not fill enough pages with words that communicate what you really want. But the universe knows. So relax and let things slowly work out for you.

You have birthed a desire and this is a wonderful thing. Part of your journey is to learn to appreciate all aspects of the current situation and learn to judge the wrong as right and the bad as good. Change you perspective on things you do not like in the moment and realize that from this state of feeling good, you are attracting your desires.

When people learn about the laws of the universe and their life improves as a result of focusing on feeling good, they often want to impart this information on others. However, if others are not a vibrational match to this information, they cannot hear your words. There is much more information and teachings that you are not yet a vibrational match to and as you read our words, you can only receive the information you are ready for. As you raise your vibration by feeling good, you become a match to higher and higher ideas and teachings. When you try to teach to those who cannot hear, you cause frustration and disappointment.

In time, as you simply relax and hold a true desire to inspire others from your place of alignment, others will find you. There’s nothing you need to do, simply allow the Law of Attraction to do its work. You will feel inspiration to talk to this person. You will overhear conversation. You will start to see conditions around you magically shift in new directions. Keep your desires blurry. Do not focus them sharply and the feeling that you really want will come to you in ways you can not imagine.

You are love and you are loved.