Hi Joshua

If you believe something like GMOs or pesticides are wrong, then you are just bringing more of what you believe to be wrong into your reality? But if you are open and accept them them, then you are attracting more wanted things into your life? Or if you are unaware of them, you are not focused on them, so they don’t effect you?

If you are unaware of black mould in your home, or chemicals in your food, or asbestos that you have inhaled, but during these situations you are in alignment then none of these situations will affect in a way that is unwanted?

Thanks and love,

Dear Erin,

You must first understand that you are a limitless being of love. You create your own limitations; they are not applied to you. As a being of love, you can only attract love. Everything that comes to you is for you. It is your perception or judgment that causes you to believe that some things are right and some things are wrong. If you believe that black mold is toxic to you personally, then you must experience a reality that corresponds to this belief. Otherwise, physical reality would not make any sense.

If you believed that birds could fly and the sky was blue, then it would not make sense to you if birds stopped flying the the sky turned green. If you believed that GMOs were bad, then your reality must be framed with regard to this belief and that would also correspond to the intensity of the belief. For instance, if you thought that maybe they were a little bad, then that limiting belief is rather mild and your reality need not present anything GMO related that you consider bad, because you would not consider them too bad. Do you understand that point? However, if you really, really thought GMOs were wrong, you would create a desire to change the conditions and you might feel urges to write to your elected officials, march in protests, sign petitions, boycott certain foods, etc. Now you have made GMOs into something that really affects your reality. You have created a reality that revolves around the idea that GMOs are bad. This is not a wrong way to create your reality, it’s just not what you intended prior to your birth and it isn’t what you prefer.

Your society likes to celebrate those who fight against things that are wrong. You make movies and write books about them. However, if you look more deeply into the quality of their lives, they are pursuing things that are not what they truly want. Change is not made because people fight against certain unwanted conditions. Change is made when you move toward anything in love. When you think GMOs, pesticides, or black mold is wrong, then you are focusing on something that you do not prefer and you are making it a more intense part of your experience of reality. You do this out of fear in the idea that you are a victim of conditions rather then the creator of your really. So then, what are you to do?

Always see everything as right. That doesn’t mean you prefer it or that it is right for your experience of life, but GMOs, pesticides, mold and everything else has it’s place in this perfectly balanced reality. If it is not right for you, then turn your cheek and focus on what you appreciate, what you prefer, and what you enjoy. Leave everything else to others. Some came to explore things that you would not choose to explore. That’s okay. Everyone bought their ticket to this reality and they are allowed to focus on anything they like. All explorations are valid and valuable.

What you came here to explore is right for you. Thinking that something like mold is wrong is never gong to help you experience what you came here to experience. If you are inspired to remove mold from your home, then that is perfectly acceptable. But don’t think the mold itself is wrong. Don’t think that spiders are wrong. Don’t think that hunters are wrong. Don’t think that anything is wrong. Find a way to see how everything fits within a balanced reality and the intensity of those things will be reduced in your life. Then place all of your focus on how grand your life is right now.

With our love,
We are Joshua