Hi Joshua,

I want to understand more about boredom. I wonder if it represents lack of connection. I love the feeling of excitement, interest and I think I seek that “busy” feeling. I thank you for this forum and have learned so much from all you do.


Dear Elyse,

The emotion of boredom is based in fear. It’s the fear that things are not moving, that the conditions are wrong, that there is an impatience around what is to come, etc. When you feel bored, you are looking at the conditions from a limited perspective. A mild limiting belief is being triggered. When you think about it, is there any reason to ever be bored? It’s simply a lack of focus. It is good to recognize when you are bored, but if you must do something to change the feeling, you are simply changing the conditions rather than altering your focus.

You attract by the power of your focus. Your focus is either on something you like or something unwanted. When you are bored, where is your focus? When you want to stay busy, what are you really doing? You are simply changing the conditions. Instead of being bored, you do something so that you are no longer bored. The energy behind the action to do something comes out of the lower emotional state of the boredom. It’s designed to change the conditions in order to change the way you feel. You are acting on an urge to do something in order to feel differently. But the urge is based in fear (boredom) and will not be aligned with who you really are or what you really want. There is another approach.

As you may know by now, the desire to change the conditions when you do not feel good is the old approach to life. In the new approach, you allow the conditions to be as they are and instead of changing them, you process what you are feeling. If you look at the conditions and feel bored, instead of doing something to change the conditions, you go inside and change how you feel about the conditions. Why are you bored? What’s the fear? What’s the limiting belief? The urge comes as a response to how you feel in order to change the conditions. If you keep changing the conditions, you will never resolve the limiting beliefs.

You are not a match to your desires if the desires have not manifested into your reality. In order for you to become a match, you will have to alter your beliefs. When you find yourself bored, you are in a manifestation event. This event is designed to help you identify and process a limiting belief. The conditions were created by the universe in response to the desire you have asked for. You cannot become a match to that desire until you resolve one or more limiting beliefs. Any time you feel negative emotion, a limiting belief has been triggered. Even if the emotion is slight, like boredom, it is still pointing out a fear that is keeping you from the manifestation of your desire. You might not know what the desire is, but you can know for sure that your current focus on what is wrong will not help you become a vibrational match to it. So, you now have to pick apart this limiting belief and prove that it is false.

“I am bored. I have nothing to do. I should be doing something productive. Idle hands… Is this true? Am I really bored or am I focused in a way that is not for my highest good? Look at the conditions around me. I created all of this. I am a master creator and this is my creation. It is good. I’m just not appreciating it right now. If I take a closer look, I can see that it is all good. I can relax. There’s nothing for me to do now. I am just so used to doing something. But what am I really doing anyway? I’m just doing something to alter the way I feel. I now choose to do only that which I am inspired to do. Instead of doing something to change the conditions, I am going to find my alignment and wait for some inspired idea to come to me. If it doesn’t come today, then I will relax and enjoy my creation. I’ll read a book or take a walk or watch some TV or take a bath. There’s nothing I have to do now other than to regain my alignment. If I regain my alignment by choosing a perspective that feels good, then I will be inspired to do something that will lead to the manifestation of my desires. If I do not receive inspiration, then I will maintain my alignment until I do. I will no longer choose activity simply to change the conditions. That action has no power in it. It’s just a distraction. I choose alignment and the action that comes from an aligned state of being.”

This is how you process the fear around boredom. There is nothing to be afraid of. It’s simply a lack of focus and an indication you are out of alignment. Instead of acting on urges to do something, which are born out of fear, process the fear and come back into alignment. From an aligned state, you will be inspired to do something that will lead to the unfolding of your dreams. The action taken when inspired is infinitely more powerful than action taken out of the fear of boredom or any other fear. Only take action when the action comes from an aligned state of being. Take action out of a place of love, not from a place of fear.

With our love,
We are Joshua