Dear Joshua,

Right now I’m experiencing a lot of contrast. My vibration is really rising super fast. I’m in a class and learning massage. Soon I’ll have a diploma and will be moving on to the next stage to be a certified massage therapist. During the course I’ve met a lot of new people and I love the work. It’s something that makes my spirit and heart light and I lose track of time while I am doing massage. I’m in a good loving marriage and I have 3 great kids.

The thing is that as my vibration keeps rising I’m starting to feel like the life I’m living doesn’t fit any more. I feel like I’m supposed to be and do more. It’s a longing and it scares me and makes me sad. And at the same time I know in my heart and soul that this life I’m living right now is changing. Possibly even ending. I’m finding my self doing things I earlier thought I would never ever do. In the moment they feel so good and right. And then after a while I feel really bad.

Could you please provide me with some guidance around this? My analysis is the I have so many limiting believes about how I’m supposed to live the rest of my life and how I was raised to believe that life should be lived. I’m trying not to get too far ahead, but it’s so hard.

Or it’s just a mid-life crisis.
I’m so grateful for you!


Dear Elisabet,

Prior to your birth, you set your intentions. You intended to express your love to yourself, those in your life and the conditions that exist in the moment. You intended to experience true freedom and abundance, and you intended to expand through experiences in joy. This approach to life is quite different than how you have been taught to live a good life. As soon as you allow the resistance to ease, you become aware of a radically new approach to life. You have always been called to this, yet you’ve resisted the calling, because you had limiting beliefs about how life should be lived.

You were taught to be safe, be good, avoid negative emotion, and live a rather small and quiet life. You were taught that you must be a good mother, a good wife, a good daughter. If you did these things, you would receive love and appreciation. Yet, you did not come here intending to receive love from others. You did not base this experience of life on how good you were or how much love you received from others, you came as an explorer. You came to create your own reality and to live a large life. You came to experience a journey of self-discovery. You came to this reality in order to explore who you are. As long as you are moving towards the bigger life you intended to live, you are exploring who you really are. When you live a small life seeking love and approval from others, you are still exploring. Only in this approach, you are exploring who you are not.

Who you are not is one who needs love from others. Who you are not is one who must be good and proper. Who you are not is one how lives in lack and limitation. Who you are not is one who says away from fear and negative emotion. Who you are not is one who lives a small life in order to receive approval and validation from others. If you live life as who you are not, you will always live in great inner conflict and experience outer contrast and ongoing negative emotion. This is because you are living a fearful life as a victim. If you continue on this path, you will experience even more fear because your limiting beliefs will grow stronger and more rigid. Your life will become smaller and smaller.

So then, you have a choice to make. Become the authentic version of you. This is the person you intended to be. This is the exploration of who you truly are. This is the life of the creator. It is a bigger life. Yes you will face fear as you travel along your journey of self-discovery. Yes you will move outside of your comfort zone. No, you will not lose anything, because loss is not possible. As your vibration raises and you process your limiting beliefs, you will receive inspiration. You will discover new ways of living and new ideas will come to you. You will be interested in more things. You will move forward in courage toward the larger life you intended to live. In living this life, you ease the resistance and inner conflict.

You cannot know who you will become in a year as you embrace this new approach to life, because your vibration is a bit limited compared to the expanded version of you who will exist then. Therefore, you cannot perceive what that life will be like. From your limited perspective now, you imagine that bad things might happen as a result of your change. This makes no sense., If you expand into who you really are, you may face a few manifestation events along the way, but this is a good thing, not a bad thing. You will raise your perspective of who you are and this is what will change your reality. It will be a wonderful change and as you get used to feeling good, you will revel in your new life.

That new life is not better than this current life, it’s just more aligned with who you really are. You are not wrong for living a safe and small life, it’s just not authentic. You will not escape fear in your new life, you will process it and realize it’s just resistance. However, you will feel better than you have ever felt. No mater what happens, you will feel better than you do now. If you choose to live a larger life, processing you limiting beliefs along the way, seeking the higher perspective to become who you really are, you will be inspired to do more incredible things than you can imagine. Yes, fear will always pop up, but this is a good thing. It means you’re moving forward. If you remain stagnant, you will continue your life of inner conflict and stress. It is the stress of not being who you intended to be and no matter how small a life you live, that inner turmoil will never leave. It will just grow stronger with each passing day.

Move towards a life of love and away from a life of fear. Process your limiting beliefs as they are exposed through manifestation events. Do not fear loss, because that is an illusion. Appreciate everything that exists now. Find a way to feel good now. Meditate daily. Engage a daily spiritual practice. Do what you can to move forward. Look at your life now from a higher perspective. Anything is possible. It’s all up to you. No one can make the choice for you. You are either moving towards who you really are in courage and faith or toward a more limiting version of you. Think about what you intended prior to your birth and take a leap of faith.

With our love,
We are Joshua