Hi Joshua ,

If I am meant to do nothing and just allow, how do I reconcile that with the feeling of needing to be in action? My coach teaches that there are daily actions to take so doing nothing feels like I am letting go of my desire to build a profitable business doing this work that I love. I do feel impatient because I feel as though I have been at this for so long (building a business) and it’s time for my labors to bear some juicy, ripe fruit. I doubled my income last year, which was fantastic, but all has fallen away this year and it frustrates me.

And what about subconscious beliefs? Are there such things as that? Or are they in existence because we believe we have subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging our creative abilities so we focus on being blocked? I hope that question was clear…lol. And if I need to post these on the website, please let me know and I’ll go through the proper channels.

Again, thank you so much Gary – and Joshua!

With laughter and magic,

Dear Elaine,

There is a lot to talk about in this short answer and so we hope you’ll ask more questions which will clarify our unusually general answer. First of all, you have a perspective which is limited and from this perspective you try to understand the world around you and your place in it. But, because your perspective is so limited, you attempt to envision a future you cannot possibly imagine. As you expand through experience, your perspective is broadened and you see a little further down the road. The expansion process can sometimes feel painful, but again it’s only because your perspective is limited.

So now we ask you to broaden your perspective on your own in times when you are feeling down. Try to imagine everything as right and good and on track. If you can do that, you’ve already enhanced your vibrational stance and you’ll begin to allow what you want to come to you.

Impatience is simply looking at the current conditions from a limited perspective and then judging those conditions to be wrong. That’s all it is. But there is no wrong anywhere in the universe. If your current state of income or finances is not wrong, then it must be right. It is your only work to understand how it could be right and not wrong. When you can bring yourself to see the rightness in everything you would have previously judged as wrong, you bring yourself into a state of allowing.

Now let’s talk about your beliefs because it is only your beliefs that cause you to feel stuck. You’re never stuck, you’re always moving forward, but sometimes you can’t see through the illusion of being stuck or of going backwards. You are either aware of your beliefs or not. All of your beliefs can be brought to your awareness if you stop to analyze them,. There are no unconscious beliefs, rather simply beliefs that you do not recognize. Once you think about it though, you can bring any belief into the light and you can determine if it serves who you are, what you really want and where you want to go or not.

There are beneficial beliefs and limiting beliefs. You can adjust the intensity of these beliefs, but you can never completely rid yourself of a belief. To move forward to where you want to go, simply increase the intensity of beneficial beliefs and reduce the intensity of limiting beliefs. The first step is to identify a belief.

This is where your emotions come into play. You identify yourself as a highly emotional person and this quality has led you to your life’s passion and purpose. In these emotions is the key to identifying your beneficial and limiting beliefs. When you feel positive emotion, you’ve uncovered a beneficial belief. When you feel negative emotion, you’ve uncovered a limiting belief. It’s a very simple design.

There are only two emotions even though you’ve gone on to define various shades of emotion in great detail. All positive emotions are based in love and all negative emotions are based in fear. If you feel any negative emotion whether you call it hate, anger, apathy, distrust, regret, remorse, revenge, jealousy, boredom, envy, or anything else, it is always tied to some limiting belief which is based in fear. When you feel love, prosperity, passion, interest, harmony, creativity, delight, goosebumps, happiness, joy, love, desire, or any positive emotion it is always backed by a beneficial belief rooted in love.

The next time you feel any negative emotion, you can stop in your tracks and analyze what it is you are afraid of. What is the fear at the basis of this emotion? What is the belief that is rooted in fear? Why would I be fearful of this thing? How could I view this thing I fear from a higher perspective? When you can look at the thing you fear and realize it is an irrational fear and the belief behind it does not support who you are or what you want, you can find relief and feel ease. This is your indication that you’ve reduced the intensity of the limiting belief and now you’re back on track to what you want.

Let’s look at the fear-based belief that things are not moving fast enough toward your desire. You want to get more and better clients and earn more money for your efforts, yet this is not happening and your fear-based beliefs causes you to feel impatient, which is a mildly-negative emotion. You are judging the present state of your coaching business as wrong, because there should be more clients and money. You fear that your work is not as effective or as necessary as you believe it is. You are worried that you are not worthy to help others. Your fear is that you might have to give up on your passion and your purpose and do something you really do not what to do. But these fears are irrational. You can’t know how it will all unfold, so you worry and fret needlessly.

What if you looked at your situation from a higher perspective. What if you realized that all your work is good and you’re getting better, wiser and clearer every day? What if you acknowledged that the clients you have now are the perfect clients for you now? You are a match to them, they are a match to the you as you are being now, and so they are perfect for you now. As you expand and evolve, your clients will change. But, for now, they are perfect.

What if you didn’t need their response to you to make you feel good about yourself? What if you realized that you are worthy, that this is your passion and purpose and that you are moving from one version of Elaine to a broader and more advanced version of Elaine? In order to reach this newer, more expanded version, you have to go through the specific experiences you are going through now and when you judge them as wrong, you create resistance to what you really want.

Therefore, action is not necessary. Do you see why? It’s because what you’re going through right now is the perfect set of experiences that will mold you into the version of you that will be ready for the full and elegant manifestation of your desire. If you do what you’re doing with love and abandon, forgetting anything else, just doing what appeals to you in the moment, it will go against everything you’ve been taught and it will feel strange. But soon you’ll realize that these experiences are necessary and good.

Feel some emotion, analyze it, determine if it is a good-feeling or bad-feeling emotion, find the root fear in the belief, see it from the higher perspective, feel ease and relief, and then move on. There’s nothing to do other than that. Except for one thing; move out of your comfort zone and do things that are uncomfortable. That last statement sounds contradictory. Maybe it will bring up more questions. We’ll see.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could count.