Dear Joshua,

I have a question about karma. How do you define and explain karmic energy? As a life coach, I deal with people who have a lot of issues about things that they have done that Society condemns. As an example someone who has had relationships outside of the marriage and feels guilty about it and then his wife gets ill and he feels this is his karmic justice. I don’t know how to help him understand that it’s him creating the feelings of guilt. He feels this is his karma paying him back.

I’m not quite sure how to explain karma and the way to help him and others. I’m pretty sure you would tell me that it’s not my issue and I can’t help others and they have to find their own way. But as a life coach, I like to understand how the universe views karma and actions that basically go against society’s rules and how to soothe and desensitize some of these limiting beliefs.

Also do you have any insights about forgiveness and how to forgive yourself for things that you have done in the past or may still be doing? I hope this makes sense. Mostly, I just want to know if karma is real or is it self-imposed or self-created and when you forgive how do you forgive?

Thank you so much Gary you’re doing such amazing work channeling Joshua I am so delighted to read your messages your teachings and follow you and the panel!

With love and blessing,

Dear Donna,

The traditional idea around the concept of Karma is that a debt from a past life must be repaid in a future life or in this life. That is not entirely accurate. Let us explain the idea further.

Imagine that you lived in a past life as part of a very large and extended family. You had many siblings, cousins, aunts, and uncles. You were never alone and you had nothing of your own. Now, this wonderful experience of having a large and close family will cause you to create desires. You might have the desire to have a large family of your own or you might create the desire to go off and live on your own. No matter what it is, the experience of your youth will set you off on a trajectory toward some aspect of physical reality you wish to explore. When you make your transition, you understand more fully the nuances of these feelings you had that were created in your youth. Now that you are about to embark on a new physical incarnation, you set your intentions. You choose your parents, your body, and the time and place of your birth. In this new life, you will choose to experience some interesting aspects of physical reality.

In this next life, you choose to be an only child to a single mother. Due to the experiences of your last life, you have chosen to explore a dynamic that you did not experience and now you get to experience having a mother all to yourself. The past life did not cause you to live out a debt or do anything unwanted. It is just that it influenced you because it caused you to expand and now in this life you are ready to experience something more. You might have lived in poverty in your past life and this has caused you to seek abundance and wealth in this life. You might have been shy in the last life and in this life you now choose to be outgoing.

If you murdered someone in the last life, you do not come back to save people. From your nonphysical perspective, you know that the murder wasn’t wrong or evil, it just was the culmination of vibrations that created the experience. It is a valid experience in itself. You do not pay for your “crimes” in the next life. That is man’s idea of justice. It is based in fear and control. From your nonphysical perspective, it was just another experience, albeit an intense one.

Yes, you might do something in this life that you consider wrong and due to the vibration influenced by guilt, you might attract some experience that is unwanted. However, the experience itself is valid and not wrong and if the person did not resist it, it might lead to salvation. The manifestation around guilt often helps the person process their guilt. However, a more effective and less resistant way to resolve any action of the past that might be considered bad or wrong is to realize that there is no wrong.

If you believe that you did something wrong in the past, you will feel the negative emotion of regret. However, the idea that you could do something wrong is completely unrealistic. You can’t know what might have happened had you not done this thing you feel guilt over, or regret. You know that you have come to this place where you are now and that place is perfect. You might assume that some other place would be better, but since you can’t know how everything will unfold, you can never know for certain that this place isn’t perfect as it is.

The experience of the man who cheats on his wife and she gets cancer is not necessarily a bad thing. There is so much going on around it that and you might think that all of this is bad and wrong and you might wish for things to be different. But as the wife transcends to the nonphysical, she has the opportunity to experience true love with her husband and he with her. When she is gone, he can process what it means to love and he might allow himself to enter the next relationship with a more open and forgiving heart. Remember, you are here for experience that you cannot have in the nonphysical.

All of the experiences you have were intended prior to your birth. You are ready for the experiences you have had and will have and everyone else is ready for their experiences as well. You can either go willingly into the experience or resist it. The more willing you are, the more magical these experiences will be. The more resistant you are, the more difficult they will appear to be.

This is a feeling reality and you are here to experience new feelings. You believe that some experiences are good and others are bad. However, that is not accurate. All experiences are expansive. Some might be unwanted, but they re not bad or wrong. By avoiding certain experiences and playing it safe, you actually limit yourself from experiencing really wonderful things. So we ask you to give up your attachment to regret or resentment and know for certain that everything is always working out for you and for everyone else even if sometimes it might be difficult to see it in an empowering way. Your work is to see the good in every experience and to ask “How is this for me?”

There is no wrong, only the resistance to things you believe are wrong.

With our love,
We are Joshua