Dear Joshua,

Your answers are really great and your affirmations help me in my daily life. I have another question. There is astrology in this world, there is taro reading and there is also numerology and many more which are always right. If I have a desire which is different from all of the readings that taro, astrology or numerology are telling me, is it wrong to hold onto the desire?


Dear Dikshit,

Before your birth, you set certain intentions. You chose your parents and the time and place of your birth. These choices were made in order to create a trajectory that would launch you on a path that had the best probability of leading you to fulfilling your intentions. There are aspects of physical reality that align with time and space. The time of your birth was important as was the place of your birth. Time and space are aspects of physical reality that do not exist in the nonphysical and as such, they hold some meaning. However, once you’ve landed on Earth, you have free will to choose any desire you like.

Desires are often created out of the trajectory that launched you here and so sometimes the astrology, numerology and other such things provide an accurate description of what has happened and often they paint a reasonable picture of what could happen. Yet, you are a free being and you can decide to make changes at any time. These changes are usually not made and so futures unfold as intended. But, if you have a desire that is different, and you choose a new path, then the world is your oyster and you can have, be and do anything you want. It is all up to you.

We want you to embrace change and to freely choose whatever it is that you want. Once you have made the change and have chosen a new path, then the foretelling of your new future cannot be read in the stars. You will be charting a new course. Simply remember that whatever comes to you is a reflection of the vibrational signal you are sending. If you choose a new signal, your reality will also be new.

You can have anything you want as long as it matches the vibrational signal you are sending.