Dear Joshua,

I’m wondering what are things we need to do individually, and what are the things we need to do collectively to address climate change?

How do we transform our ways on both levels to support more beauty, health, feelings of wholeness, and safety? I want to live in a healthy earth, and have all beings live in health and happiness.

I have incredible anxiety about this sometimes. It makes me confront death, and yet when I imagine dying, I am not afraid. But it’s when I think of the suffering that I am afraid – the physical and emotional pain that climate change can cause.

Even if you respond to the last part about fear and suffering, I would love to hear about things we can or should do to bring about this more beautiful world we know is possible. And is it possible that everything will be okay?

Thank you so much for the offer to have me email in my question! And thank you Gary for doing this beautiful work in the world – and thanks to Joshua too 🙂

With care,

Dear Diane,

You are the absolute creator of your reality. No one and no thing can create in your reality. You create from your choices of reactions, perspectives and beliefs. You create by either changing conditions or by processing your fears and limiting beliefs. That is the extent of your responsibility. You need not ever do anything. This is all about how you are being. You are a human being, not a human doing.

A million light years away, there is a sun that is beginning to collapse. Would you like to do anything about that or is this sun’s collapse coming at the perfect time? Far away in a neighbor’s yard, there is a rabbit who is being attacked by a predator. Is this wrong? Would you like to save the poor little bunny? Why are you worried about the earth when you are not concerned about that sun or that bunny?

From your perspective, you look at yourself, all other people and the conditions that exist and you see what you perceive as problems. When this happens, you feel negative emotion and you dip into a lower emotional state of being. Your vibration drops and you become connected to the stream of consciousness based in fear and lack. The only ideas and thoughts that come to you from this stream of consciousness resonate with the fear you are feeling. But it is not real. It is an illusion of danger. Your inner self is always aware of the true reality and guides you to this truth by sending you emotions. If you are feeling good and receiving what you would call positive emotions, you are fully aligned with the truth. If you feel bad and are receiving what you would call negative emotions, it’s a message that you are looking at a false reality.

You humans believe you need to control your conditions in order to release yourselves of the fear you are feeling. While acting on an urge may offer some relief occasionally, it is never effective. The urge to change conditions will never lead to anything you truly want. In fact, it will always lead you away (temporarily) from what you truly want. There is no wrong in acting on urges, it’s simply not effective.

What if we were to tell you that a solution to what you perceive as the ill effects of climate change will be discovered in a hundred years. When this discovery is made, everything will be fine. That would mean that all of those affected by the fear of climate change would have needlessly suffered for a hundred years without ever experiencing any actual problems. You see it was always the perception of danger that caused the needless suffering and no actual danger was ever experienced by anyone. The interesting thing is that the solution can only be found by someone who was connected to Source/love consciousness. All of those connected to fear/lack consciousness were not a vibrational match to the eventual solution; for they were existing in the lowervibrational state of fear.

Half a century ago people of the earth believed that they would run out of oil within a decade. They existed in a state of fear and suffering around this issue. They perceived that there would be no possible way to fuel their vehicles of heat their homes. They thought the world as they knew it was coming to an end. Then, out of nowhere, people all over the planet received new ideas and inventions that would solve this problem that never actually existed in the first place. All the worry and doubt was for nothing. All of the actions taken on urges to control the conditions were unnecessary. Those actions based in fear and lack have no power and cannot solve problems that do not actually exist. You see the problem could only be perceived from a limited perspective. From the higher perspective, Source knew that there was more than enough energy to fuel all the needs of all the people as those needs arose. This is the definition of abundance.

You will always receive what you need to explore whatever you are exploring. Throughout history, humans have lived in fear of the unknown. They have tried to protect themselves from illusions of danger just like you are trying to do now. Eventually, humans will move out of the fear and into the love. They will remove the illusion of wrong and receive whatever solutions are needed to maintain their happy, healthy and joyful existence. If you think the world cannot take care of itself, you are existing in a state of fear and that fear is not necessary or beneficial. It’s not beneficial to you personally, to mass consciousness or to the planet. Humans will move out of fear and into love. When this happens, they will be connected to Source consciousness. They will receive inspired ideas and new technologies will be created.

This will allow humans to live in this playground called earth exploring all kinds of new perspectives for eons to come.

If you feel fear, it’s because you have a limiting belief that causes you to see things as wrong. Your perspective is limited and your vibration has dropped. You are offering resistance to what is. You are now connected to a lower vibrational stream of thought. You are feeling negative emotion because your inner self is alerting you to the fact that you are not perceiving the truth, you are accepting and illusion of reality. This is your guidance system. Look at the subject from the higher perspective and you will see the true reality and find true relief. Continue to look at any subject from the limited perspective and you will continue to exist in a state of fear and receive thoughts, events, people and urges that resonate with fear. This is not the life you intended to live. You intended to live a life of love!

With our love,
We are Joshua