Dear Joshua,

I have read your answer several times and each time I come away with a little different take on understanding. I am especially drawn to the statement: “As you change your perspective to see only the positive aspects, you automatically diminish the intensity of your limiting beliefs.”

This morning I was going to the grocery store. I usually do not love going to the grocery store but today everything looked so fresh and beautiful. I stopped to smell the ripe peaches. The mist coming over the fresh vegetables was causing a prism of light to make a rainbow. I spent several minutes just enjoying the fact that I could buy this beautiful food in a cool, air-conditioned environment.

I did even not buy what I went to buy – as the meat department did not seem as much fun. And when I got home – I realized I had plenty of things I could cook without buying anything else!!

Is this moment of joy (instead of rushing around completing a CHORE) what you are talking about as seeing only positive aspects? And I do not think I deliberately chose to feel this overwhelming sense of joy. Was that you, Joshua?? Thank you again for these clarifying answers and your awesome collaboration with us!

All The Best,
Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

When you were a small child you naturally saw the positive aspects in everything around you. You loved your parents unconditionally, you loved your home and the environment that surrounded you. You were in a state of joy most of the time.

However, as a human you have the wonderful ability to create preferences. Some of the wonderful things in your world are preferable to other things you deem not so wonderful. So you start taking score. You want more of the things, experiences, feelings, you like and you want less of those things you don’t like. This is all very natural and is part of the mechanism of physical reality. As you understand what is wanted, you are meant to deliberately create a pathway to more of that and thereby you cause your own expansion. As you understand what is not wanted, you are simply to remove your attention from that and place you attention back on what is wanted.

If you were raised in an environment where all of your parents, teachers, guardians, peers, and even your government understood the true nature of physical reality, you would learn from an early age to focus on what is wanted and see only the positive aspects of everything around you. By doing this you attract more feelings of joy and happiness. Your reality provides physical manifestations that coincide with what you’re feeling. Brilliant isn’t it?

However, in your society it is more important to teach children about all of the various dangers and how to protect them from what is unwanted. You grow up giving a lot of attention to the negative aspects of your life. You learn to be careful not to do this and you’re afraid of that and you see someone who had a terrible accident or disease and you hope it doesn’t happen to you. All the while you are not understanding how the system was designed and how it all works.

As you start to re-learn what you were born knowing, you start to live as you had intended prior to your birth. As you are coming to understand the true nature of reality, that it is a system of feelings, you are beginning to live a natural life. As you are focused on the positive aspects of things you once considered a chore or unpleasant or even scary, you are moving to a higher vibration.

As you move your vibration higher and higher by focusing on the positive aspects of everything around you, you gain momentum. If your intention is to feel joy, your reality, through your new approach to life, will bring you many reasons to feel joy. And as you start feeling more and more moments of joy, your vibration raises even further.

Now what is more natural than being in a constant state of joy? This really is what life is supposed to be like for all of you. It’s what it is like for us in the nonphysical and it is the basis of physical reality as well. However, you are given free will in this reality and if you choose to live in fear or guilt or worry or lack or concern or any other state of being, you are free to do so. But if you had a choice (which you most certainly do), why not live in joy or abundance or love or happiness or passion?

As you come to see the positive aspects of every condition, you are tuning yourself to the higher vibration of those conditions. There is no reason to see the bad in the good, instead try to focus on the good in the bad. There is always good to see in everything. When you see the good in the mundane, the joy in the ordinary, the best in the worst, you turn chores into adventures, and now you no longer have chores to do only adventures to pursue.

You say that you did not choose to feel this overwhelming sense of joy and you were wondering if it was us. Well you did choose to feel joy and it was not us. We cannot create in your reality. We can only teach and we can only use words. You understand our teachings and you deliberately chose to experience those teachings in your own life and so you have reached an understanding in real, physical, experiential terms. You have done all this yourself and we are very proud of your achievements. But you must remember it was you who did it. It is always you. Give yourself credit for your incredible achievements.