Dear Joshua,

I have been paying much more attention to my energy since meeting you. I have noticed that as soon as I wake up I have a smile on my face and feel happy and alive. It does not have anything to do with what I have planned for the day or inspirational action. I do not have to have a project to complete or an intention in mind. But I feel as if all the things I ever wanted are here.(Not coming to me – they are here). And I think I have a physical result of this but I want to verify this with you!

Now the moment I wake up, before I move or make a sound, my dog comes from underneath the bed to greet me. She jumps up on to the bed and runs up my body and gives me wonderful kissy licks and snuggles. This is always as soon as I wake up – exactly. She has never done this before in the last twelve years. Is my energy on a higher level that she can sense?

Thank you in advance for your awesome answer!

Debra Jo

Dear Debra Jo,

You are reaching higher levels of vibration and appreciating where you stand. You are in the “in between” phase – that phase that comes after reaching a higher vibrational level and being happy with where you are. You do not need more right now because you are thrilled with the current high level vibration and it feels good. This is a very nice and blissful state. But it won’t last long.

As soon as you’re up to speed with it, you’ll want a new challenge. This is why you are here in this physical reality. You’re here to reach for new levels. When you reach one level you feel satisfaction, then you become used to this new vibration and you’ll start to look around to see what new challenge or interest presents itself. As you find something interesting, you’ll move in that direction and birth a new desire. You’ll then strive for that new level and upon reaching it you’ll go through another phase of blissful appreciation. Then you’ll be on to another new interest. This is the process of life and you are living it fully.

Many people are unaware of this game you are all here to play. If they do not find instant success, they give up. They do not allow their desires to become too big for fear of failure. They are simply stalled and life for them becomes one of struggle and monotony. Mostly they are in a rut of fear and doubt. There is nothing to fear because this is a game you cannot lose.

What we have to say to you now is get ready for something big. It is time to go for it. Don’t worry any longer. Do what you want to do and watch the universe support your next big thing. Surely you have seen your guides in action. Your dog’s behavior lately is just one such indication of their constant presence and support. Ask yourself what’s next? Think of bold fantasies and ask yourself, “Why not?”

Spend some time imagining life at this next level. Do not try to figure out the details, simply state what you want to create and allow it to unfold. Don’t be afraid that you may not be able to manifest the big desires. That is what is holding you back. You believe you are a great manifestor, but you worry that your powers of manifestation are an illusion and if you can’t manifest the big things then maybe you didn’t really manifest anything. This is not true. You are a magnificent manifestor, you are a powerful creator, and you can manifest big things as well.

But there is no hurry. You have all the time in the world. Enjoy your life while your getting used to the new energy that is flowing to you and through you. Don’t brag about it, just enjoy it. Don’t try to bring others up there with you. Go into your inner world now and start to communicate with your inner self. Listen to what is said. Notice coincidences and be led to the next step. Follow your interests and do not do anything that is not up to speed with where you now stand. Don’t go backwards, move forwards. Move up, not down. Keep moving up. Think bigger.