Dear Joshua,

When consciously using the LOA to manifest that which brings joy, isn’t karma, relative to a past life, a major overriding influence in what shows up in one’s current physical lifetime?

Thank you, Gary and Joshua.

Dear Debra,

There is a law called the Law of Continuity and that law states that one moment carries into the next and one life carries with it the interests and purpose into the nonphysical life after one’s transition. But a past life never carries forth into a present life. Your idea of Karma is not quite accurate. Past lives have an insignificant effect on any future or present life. The idea of Karma would be limited to a single life. It’s quite possible that actions taken in early life could have significant meaning later in that same life.

Each life is self contained. You have the power to experience joy which is your birthright. Well-being is flowing to you at all times. You set certain intentions prior to your coming into this life. Most of those intentions were general in nature and for the most part you are living life as you had intended. You are expanding through experience. Some of your intentions were more specific in nature and if you have found a passion in life then you have found that which you intended to explore.

As you have lived many lives before, you have expanded. As you transition from physical reality to your nonphysical home, you might take a moment to review your life. From that vantage point you might wish to experience something new as a result of the life you just experienced. In one life you may have had a large family, or lived in a small town, or were married, or were not married. In the next life, as a result of your experiences, you might choose something completely different or something very similar. This is the extent to which karma plays a role in one life to the next.

So now that you are in this life, you may live it as you choose. You have the absolute and complete power to have, be and do anything you now desire. Your desires have been born out of experiences created in this life. Therefore, what you now desire is based on this life alone. Past life experiences are not keeping you from anything in this life. This is simply an excuse some people use to cut themselves off from alignment with source energy. The only way one ever temporarily cuts themselves off from the wellbeing that is flowing is by finding some excuse to do so.