Dear Joshua,

If no-one but yourself can create in your reality, please explain the power of prayer, particularly en masse. Thank you, Joshua, for your loving enlightenment.


Dear Debra,

There are several things we would like to say about prayer. First of all, when you are praying, you are setting intentions. When you pray before you eat, you are setting the intention of receiving benefit from the food and also appreciating the food itself. This is a very good way to start any meal. When you pray for world peace, you are setting a personal intention to view the world in a peaceful way. You are creating your world and that is the only world that matters. When you pray for someone else to receive benefit, you do so to make yourself feel better and that is a wonderful thing.

If you were to pray for a sick friend to get better, you are not able to create in your friend’s reality. Even your friend’s doctor cannot create in his reality. All anyone can do is influence your friend to create their own health. The doctor doesn’t cure your friend, the doctor influences your friend to cure himself. Your prayers don’t cure your friend, the fact that you are praying for your friend influences him to cure himself. If you pray for your friend and he does not know of your prayers, then all it will do is make you feel better, which is a wonderful thing.

When you pray together as a group, you are now influencing the mass consciousness of your society. If you were to meet and all intend for something to happen, you would create a momentum and others would be inspired to join you. When you create rallies toward a positive end, you combine your co-creative abilities and become extremely powerful. However, in order for this to utilize the positive powers of the universe, you must be aligned with what is wanted, not fighting against something unwanted.

The power of intention utilizes the leverage of the universe and can be incredibly strong and robust. Mass intention towards what is wanted is a highly energetic act and can create great shifts in momentum. As you come together from a stance of alignment, you are more powerful than millions who are not aligned. You can only be aligned when you are working toward something that is wanted. When you are fighting against something you perceive as wrong or bad, you lose your alignment and with it the leverage of universal forces.

Prayer is powerful when it aligns with love, with who you really are, and with what you really want. It is ineffective when it comes out of fear or desperation, when it is used to alter conditions you despise, or when you are trying to fix something you think is wrong. Use prayer (intention) anytime to promote that which is good. Use prayer (intention) to appreciate that which you like and you will receive more. Use prayer (intention) to raise your vibration and elevate your feelings.

When you pray, you are not ever judged. You may pray for anything you like. As long as you believe that your prayers will be answered, and they align with what you want, and they are meant to affect you and not someone else, then as long as you will allow it, your prayers will be answered every time. It is law.

You do not need to pray to some Divine entity outside of you. If your prayers are answered, it’s because you allowed them to be answered. No one is up there judging whether you deserve what you’re praying for. You are simply praying to yourself, for you are the only one who can truly answer your own prayers. The only question is whether you will allow your prayers to be answered or not.

You are loved more than you can imagine.