Hi Joshua,

Thanks for your help. I’m stuck at on what I truly want:

I want:
I want to be disciplined in my yoga, exercise and spiritual practice.
I want to be great at pushing past my limiting beliefs
I want my family back.

Is this all about self acceptance?

Another question is: how do I hold both accepting myself fully and wanting to be improved? Isn’t desire for change not accepting oneself?


Dear Cate,

What you think you want and what you truly want are often two different things. What you think you want is usually based in your perception of what you lack. And so when you birth a desire to solve what you perceive you are lacking, you do so from a low emotional state. The desire is based in fear. It is the fear that you are not worthy to receive what you want. Since you are inherently worthy and good, this desire is false, because it’s based on the illusion that you lack something. In reality, you cannot lack anything. All you can do is perceive lack and when you are doing that, you are creating a desire based on an illusion. You are exploring lack of something and so the universe brings you an abundance of experiences that make it seem as if you are lacking that thing you think is missing. It helps you explore that subject in more detail.

If you continue to perceive that you are lacking something, you are telling the universe to bring you more of what you lack. You are continuing the exploration of lack. This is not wrong or bad, it is a valid way to explore reality. However, if you have explored the subject of your unworthiness long enough, you can explore the opposite end of that stick. You can change your mind and explore worthiness. You can accept the conditions as they are and allow things to change because you are now fully accepting yourself as you are. In acceptance, you begin the exploration of who you truly are. Who you truly are is a magnificent, worthy and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance.

Imagine if this was actually true. Imagine if you were perfect as you are now. Imagine if you accepted everything about yourself, the people in your life and your present conditions. If you did that, you would be exploring who you truly are and the universe would provide you with a reality that matched your acceptance. Your life would be radically transformed.

In the exploration of who you truly are, you would face experiences that reflected the limitless, magnificent and perfect nature of your authentic self. This would feel very good. However, if you continue to have doubt, then fear will arise and manifestation events would point out areas where you doubt your worthiness. This is a good thing, because it allows you to discover lingering limiting beliefs. Adjust those beliefs and you continue the wonderful exploration of who you really are.

If you continue to argue that you’re not perfect as you are, you will continue the exploration of your imperfection. If you start to explore the authentic version of you, you will face manifestation events, for certain, but you will move gradually to a life based in love and acceptance. The old exploration of your imperfection is a life based in fear and resistance. Which exploration do you choose?

The old exploration of imperfection feels normal to you. You have been doing it for a long time. However, that exploration is based on an illusion. It’s the illusion that you must improve in order to be loved and accepted. The true reality is that you are perfect as you are, there is no possibility for improvement and you do not need to be loved. When you start exploring yourself as worthy, good and perfect as you are, you can cultivate the feeling of love by accepting yourself as you are, all others as they are and the conditions as they exist in the moment. It’s the exploration of absolute acceptance.

It’s the cultivation of acceptance. It’s the life of love. As you move forward, seeing yourself as perfect as you are and accepting all of the conditions, you are now exploring worthiness in the positive way. You will slowly and surely see yourself from a higher perspective. It’s your perspective that creates your reality. See yourself, all others and the conditions from a very high perspective and your world will change dramatically. It will not feel comfortable at first. This is because you are not used to it yet. However, as you encounter more experiences, process your limiting beliefs, see everything as right, and move through manifestation events in an empowering manner, you will build confidence. Then you will get more comfortable with the idea of perfection. As this happens, your reality will feel better to you. And this is what you truly want, because this approach to life is perfectly aligned with who you really are and what you intended to experience prior to your birth.

With our love,
We are Joshua