Hello Joshua,

There are two main things I am working with. First – jealousy. I understand this is a limiting belief – but when I’m hit with jealousy with my husband in how he is in the world with work, people, etc and how he is such a great hands on dad – the jealousy is so overwhelming that the magnitude of limiting beliefs makes me feel like I’ll never get out from under them and I’m so much less than he is.

Secondly – I always feel like I can’t get out of my own way to be anything different. By accepting myself, am I accepting that I just might not change? That I might always disappoint myself – a limiting judgement

Thank you for your guidance.

Dear Cate,

You are perceiving yourself from a limited perspective. You compare yourself to others, to the qualities you admire, and you think that you are absent of these attributes. You think that if you had these missing features, you would feel better. However, you are not missing anything you need to live the life you intended to live. You are perfect as you are. You are placing restrictions and limitations on yourself. If you needed those attributes, you would have them. The fact is that you do have these qualities. You simply can’t see them now. That’s all that is happening. It’s a simply lack of perspective.

You can be whoever you want to be. Your talents and attributes (that are unique to you) will emerge as soon as you begin to live your life as the embodiment of who you authentically are. You are unique. You are intelligent. You are beautiful. You are engaging. You have adopted some limiting beliefs about yourself and you are processing those beliefs. You are doing the work to prove they are false. You are not accepting them as fact. You realize that you have many beneficial beliefs and you have some limiting ones. You are perfect as you are. You are not better without the limiting beliefs, you are simply attached to them and thus the illusion of unworthiness is with you.

You are worthy of anything you desire. You are good and do not need to prove that to anyone else. What interests you is unique to you. Your exploration of who you are in this reality is ongoing. You have found your way to our teachings and you are beginning to see yourself in a more empowering way. You are learning about the mechanism of physical reality and how you can engage universal laws to alter the trajectory of your life. You certainly do not want things to be different. You truly do not want to fix anything. What you want to do is gain the expansion that comes from overcoming what you perceive as obstacles. You truly want to expand to a new level of awareness and a higher perspective. Without the conditions that exist now, you could not move to a higher level. This is what you truly want.

You want to feel good. You want to find and maintain your alignment. You want the inspiration that will come to you as you process your limiting beliefs and raise your vibration. You do not want to fight against the events that cause you to feel negative emotion. All you truly want are the tools to discover and process your limiting beliefs. When you get good at this, who you truly are will begin to emerge. That process has already started.

You are a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance. You want to discover this fact about yourself. You want to gain the strength that comes from finding a higher perspective. You want to be an example to other people. Your joy will come as you uncover the truth about who you are. You are a spiritual leader and teacher. Once you step into that understanding and engage the exploration of it, while always processing an ever-expanding and infinite number of limiting beliefs, you will feel bliss.

Imagine the feeling of acceptance. Imagine the relief that comes with knowing who you really are. Imagine the exhilaration that will come from overcoming obstacles. Imagine the power of creation that you’ll engage as you get comfortable with negative emotions. Imagine the power to create your reality as you push out of your comfort zone and act on inspiration. Imagine the wonderful life you will create when you become an active and easy participant in the evolution of your perspective about who you really are. This is what you want.

Everyone who feels unworthy imagines that they would feel better if the conditions would simply show them how worthy they are. They believe that if they were suddenly to be loved, they would feel better. However, since they have not processed their limiting beliefs, this would be impossible. Yet they cling to that idea and so they search for signs they are worthy only to be inundated with manifestation events which seem to prove the opposite. If you are on an exploration of who you really are, you must understand that the conditions can only show you who you are being now. If you are experiencing the exhilaration of new discovery in ease and alignment, it means you have changed your perception of yourself and thus your reality now shows you this version of yourself. If you continue to wallow in doubt and self-pity, as a victim, then your reality will reflect this perception of yourself. Once you change that perception, your reality will change.

It’s all up to you. The ball is in your court. You can move forward courageously and accept that as the creator of your reality, you will have to approach life differently than a victim would. You can admire aspects of others and this is a very good thing. You can appreciate their ease and expect that for yourself. You can remove the shackles of your limited perspective and you can don a higher perspective. You are perfect. They are perfect. The conditions are perfect because they reflect who you are being now. In acceptance, you ease your pain. In resistance your pain is increased. Nothing outside of you will ever make you feel anything you do not already feel. If you feel self-doubt and unworthiness as you compare yourself to others, you will live in a reality that proves you are right. If you can accept that you have everything you need to do whatever you are inspired to do, then you will experience a new reality. You can cultivate the feeling of acceptance and love by accepting yourself as you are, accepting all others as they are, and accepting the conditions as perfect as they are.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.