Dear Joshua,

I have come to believe that the biggest fallacy of the law of attraction is that thought alone without action produces results. There’s the story of the man trapped on the roof of his house during a flood and he turns away two boats and a helicopter because “God is going to save him.” When he drowns and faces God, he asks “I had so much faith. Why did you not save me?” And God replied: “I sent you two boats and a helicopter!”

It’s a silly but meaningful story. Faith, or conviction, or creative visualization are all helpful, but isn’t it our responsibility to take action when opportunity presents itself? Otherwise, aren’t we just idle dreamers who will eventually blame God, or the universe, or the law of attraction when things don’t go our way?

This reminds me of a memorable entry on an old Saturday Night Live skit called “Deep Thoughts”:

“It’s easy to sit there and say you’d like to have more money. And I guess that’s what I like about it. It’s easy. Just sitting there, rocking back and forth, wanting that money.”

It IS easy, but in my experience it’s also not effective. You have to be willing to get off the rocking chair.

So, could you please share your point of view on the law of attraction in light of my observations? Despite the clarity of my experience, I am open to a new perspective.


Dear Bruce,

What a wonderful question which we see is at the heart of so many questions relating to the Law of Attraction and other, powerful universal forces. Your question and our answer will help you see this whole business of manifestation from another perspective which will allow you a glimpse of how this all really works. You have experienced life up to this point and your life is the culmination of past experiences which have led you to form a unique set of beliefs. Your life is simply a reflection of your beliefs. Alter those beliefs and your life will change with them.

Let’s talk about what a manifestation really is. You decide you want to buy a house. You have come to believe that you should own a house. Your beliefs dictate the size and price of the house as well as many other characteristics. You believe that it must be a certain size, a certain price, and a certain style. The house you eventually purchase will fit nicely into the framework of your specific set of beliefs. For instance, you will not buy a house that you consider to be too expensive, too big or small, too elaborate or poorly constructed. Why not? Because your set of beliefs dictate the reality of what you get. But when you believe that your beliefs create the framework of your reality, then you can understand the importance of allowing your beliefs to change to suit your preferences. Can you change your beliefs?

This is the ultimate question. Can you identify which beliefs are limiting and which are beneficial? Most people are unwilling to change their beliefs because the Law of Attraction has proven to them that their beliefs, however limiting, are valid. Isn’t that interesting?

A beneficial belief is in alignment with what you truly want and who you really are. The belief that you are worthy and unique is a beneficial belief because it supports everything you want and who you really are. The belief that you cannot manifest what you want simply through thought alone is a limiting belief because it does nothing to serve what you want or who you really are.

Are we saying then that belief is at the basis of the deliberate creation of reality and that in order to create the reality we truly desire we must believe in only those things, no matter how fantastic or implausible they may be, that align with what we truly want and who we really are? Yes, absolutely. So then, based on this last statement, are we to believe in unicorns and fairies if that serves who we really are and what we really want? Yes, absolutely!

You live in a physical environment where vibrations are translated into physical objects and conditions through your five senses. Do these senses translate reality? No, they simply interpret the world around you in a way the makes sense and seems linear and real. But really, your senses cast you into a vivid illusion that captures your attention like a trance. If you can awaken from your trance, you’ll begin to see the reality behind reality. It is far different than what you have been led to believe.

You are in the very early stages of awakening to a higher level of consciousness. You have intuitively known much about the mechanism of physical reality your entire life, but you are still grasping on to some aspects of reality that make more sense from a scientific point of view. You are analytical and want to see evidence which support ideas that are new. However, due to the Law of Attraction, evidence can only support what you already believe. We are asking you to take a leap of faith.

In actuality, you are being led, like all are, to a higher level of awareness. You are just able to ascend these levels very quickly. You are a teacher and are already in an advanced state. You are ready for what we have come to teach as well. Therefore, this transition will be easy and natural for you. All you have to do is relax your set of beliefs and release any belief that might be limiting in some way.

Here’s how the manifestation of any desire is accomplished. First, you have the desire to experience the feeling of something. You, through living your life, have had certain experiences which have led you to desires for new experiences. You believe that the new experience or thing will feel good once you have it. This is a feeling reality and all you are really doing is feeling. You are designed to feel good and therefore you tend toward more and more good feelings. So you decide that it would feel good to do or have or be something. The first manifestation of that thing is a thought. You did not create the thought, the feeling you had for the desire of this thing attracted the thought.

If the thought felt good, you were aligned with the manifestation of that thing. If the thought felt bad, you had some doubt or a limiting belief about that thing. But the manifestation was the thought. If you keep feeling good about the thought of the thing you want, the thing will manifest. If you keep having doubts, or experiencing negative emotion, the thing will not manifest until you have removed the doubt by altering a limiting belief.

Has there been any action so far? If you are aligned with your desire, there has been no action other than maintaining doubt-free, good-feeling thoughts. If you have doubt and have identified a limiting belief, then action must be taken to alter that limiting belief. Now, very often, when you are fully aligned with your desire, no action will be necessary whatsoever. In fact, we will say that most of the manifestations (especially the ones you consider small) took very little if any action for them to materialize into your physical reality. You were simply not aware of this fact. For instance, any gift that you’ve ever been given that you really wanted took no action on your part to manifest into your reality. Now when we talk about action we are meaning action on your part. You can manifest a desire into your reality without you taking what you would call physical action.

Think of your first bicycle. You wanted a bicycle and one was presented to you into your reality. Maybe it was a gift or maybe it just showed up. Did you build the bicycle? Did you pour the metal or make the tires? Probably not. You wanted it, you believed you should have it, and then it showed up.

Today when you want something you simply do not believe you can have it without taking action. So the action simply conforms to your pre-determined set of beliefs. The only way you can get something is to take action. This is only true for you because of your rigid and highly limiting set of beliefs. But, if you firmly believed that no action was necessary for you to get whatever it is that you desired, those desires would manifest without any action on your part. Absolutely. It is law and cannot work any other way.

The simple fact is that most of what you desire is gained through some action you would not really consider action. It was simply pleasure. The action was something you wanted to do. This is inspired action which is fun, enjoyable, and interesting. What we want you to understand is that action alone is the least important part of the manifestation process and forced action, or struggle, has no power other than to work within the framework of your belief system. Some people believe they must struggle to see the results they desire. And so, based on their beliefs, they must.

If you could simply alter your beliefs, everything you wanted would flow to you effortlessly. There is never any effort in aligned action. Never. If you consider the action to be an effort, then the action has no power. If the action is inspired and is effortless (i.e.. fun, exciting, interesting, enjoyable, etc) the action has tremendous power. The inspired action has the leverage of universal forces.

If the man on the roof simply relaxed his rigid set of beliefs so that he realized that the boats and the helicopter were sent to him from God, he would of been saved. But he could not see that his beliefs were limiting and so he drowned. That’s okay because at least he got to talk to God.

You are loved more than you can imagine.