Joshua, my friend many blessings and thanks to you and your friends for your services may, we all meet soon.

The first thing I’m looking for your input, wisdom, or information about myself and more of may be who I am. I have discovered that there’s something more unusual than usual about myself compared to others. You see, I found that when I close my eyes and I sit and look I don’t see dark like many others do. It looks like I’m inside of a large lava lamp when I look out with my 3rd Eye? Or just with my eyes closed, not sure which it is, I see lots of purple. I am surrounded with purple and I can see the pulsing purple that ebbs and flows in my vision. As well as occasionally I see some symbols in this purple field, Reiki I think. What I would like to know is what exactly am I experiencing and what does this mean for me, why do I have this and how do I use it?

Also, I have been experiencing flashes of purple spots or floating spots of different colors, which I experience with my open waking eyes (daylight hours) and this seems to be increasing. Can you tell me what this is I’m experiencing?

The other thing I seem confused with or being sidetracked by it despite all that I have been taught, and I seem to remember, and work to follow my guidance. I still apparently have large limiting beliefs. I have been helped with hypnosis and other techniques which has been aimed at removing all of my limiting beliefs, yet I find myself stuck. Am I just expecting too much? This is something I really don’t understand. What I am missing? Can you please shed light on this?

I have been told that I am under sanctions or some sort of quarantine for protection, for others or myself, I’m not sure which. Is there any truth to this and if so what is required to be free.

Once again thank you very much for your efforts and your Energies, Blessing to us all.


Dear Brent,

Prior to your birth, from your nonphysical perspective, you chose to come to physical reality to explore certain aspects that you find interesting. You chose your parents, the time and place of your birth, your body, and other features of your childhood because you knew that would lead you on a trajectory toward that which you wanted to explore. Your intentions were more specific than most and that is why you feel different. Others mostly intended to explore reality in a more general way. You are different in that respect and so you see things from a slightly altered perspective.

However, once here you can now choose to do anything you like. You have free will. You have had some contrasting experiences which have led you to birth certain specific desires and these are fine for you to pursue if you still want to. It is all up to you.

You are unique and just like everyone else, you are experiencing reality in a unique way. You cannot know what others see when they close their eyes, because they could not describe it to you in a way that you (or anyone else) could understand. What you see is based on your vibration and expectations and is not that unusual. You are just more tuned to a certain frequency and you are aware of what is happening. Others tuned to similar frequencies don’t think it’s unusual and don’t notice it like you do.

You are not on probation or quarantined. This is an insight into a limiting belief. You cannot have your limiting beliefs removed for you, this is something you must do on your own. The way to understand whether you have a limiting belief is to pay attention to your emotions. When you feel any negative emotion, you have uncovered a limiting belief. If the negative emotion is intense, you have uncovered a very strong limiting belief. If the emotion is mild, the limiting belief is fairly weak.

The basis of all limiting belief is fear. If the fear is irrational (meaning the object of your fear can’t kill you) then the fear is false. If you can prove it’s false, you will have diminished the intensity of the limiting belief. Any single belief that does not serve you, no matter how strongly you feel about it, is false. You might even try to convince yourself that a limiting belief actually does serve you in some way. This is due to the strength of the belief. If it cannot kill you in the moment, it is based on an irrational fear and therefore it is always false, every single time. Don’t hold onto any belief that does not inspire freedom.

You cannot eradicate a limiting belief. Once it exists, it is eternal. However you can and often do reduce the intensity of the limiting belief enough so that you are no longer limited by it. You are a limitless being trapped by your own self-imposed limitations. Reduce their intensity one by one and you will become free. There’s nothing you need to do other than pay attention to those occasions when you feel negative emotion and allow yourself time to analyze the fear that lies at the base of each and every limited belief. Prove that the fear is false by finding evidence that it is indeed false. Without fear, you could not experience negative emotion. Therefore, the negative emotion indicates the presence of a limiting belief, rooted in fear.

Every single person who has, who is, and who will ever exist is unique. You are different just like everyone else. You are no more different than anyone else. You came here to explore reality in your own unique way and so that is what you must do. Pay attention to what interests you, but do not let your irrational fears limit you.

You are loved.

We are Joshua