Dear Joshua,

In the transmission of your teachings to a small group, a person asked me for clarification from the Introduction of the Book: A Perception of Reality. In fact he asked me: “How to understand and grasp “:

« Your actual, physical existence as you see it is absolutely the result or product of all the events that have ever happened in the history of your earth. If any single event had not happened exactly the way it did, you would not exist. This may seem unbelievable to you right now, but once you understand the mechanism that controls universal forces, you will understand our meaning. Everything is right. »

After that, this participant also mentioned the teachings of the previous paragraph:

« From your perception in your physical state right now, you can easily think of many events in history that seem wrong to you. All wars, all deaths, all injustices seem wrong. But these events were all part of the larger reality you now experience. If not for these events, you would be living a different reality altogether. In fact, quite literally, you would not exist. »

So, I am currently beginning the study of this book (A Perception of Reality) that I translated completely from English to French), but perhaps due to the fact that my vibrational frequency does not yet capture everything in this excerpt, I would need your help, please, to answer to this participant. Note that this participant also studied, a few months ago, the book “A Radical Change in your Approach to Life”, which I also translated in full, so he has a good base on your teachings. However, in this first part of the Introduction, he asked for more explanations on the passages above. Again, if you could give us a little more detail about these teachings from the introduction of this book (Perception of Reality) this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much !

With Love,

Dear Audrey,

In this introduction to our teachings, we are asking you to perceive reality from a higher perspective in order to engage universal energies and work with the design of the universe rather than against it. When you perceive that anything wrong has ever happened in the past, in the present, or in the future, you are operating in opposition to the system as it was designed. In order to flow fully with the system of the universe, you must alter your beliefs around the idea of wrong. If there could be wrong in your experience, then you are simply acting in opposition to the basic and most fundamental aspect of the system of physical reality. If you do this, you are operating in opposition to the system and your life will seem difficult. We want your life to be easy, fun, and joyous.

There is no wrong. What does that mean? It means that everything is neutral. You can only perceive something as right or wrong from your perspective. If you choose to perceive something as right, then you are perfectly aligned with the system. You are viewing reality as it really is. If you choose to see it as wrong, then you are saying that

  1. you are not the creator of your reality,
  2. you are a victim of fate,
  3. you have no power to create the life you desire and
  4. a limiting belief resides within you.

This is a limited way to operate in this abundant and loving reality full of infinite possibility. If you can perceive that anything is bad or wrong, then at some level you are operating in a resistant manner. You are limiting what is possible for you.

This idea is absolute. There is no leeway here. If something is wrong, then everything could be potentially perceived as wrong. There is no wrong. It is not possible for anything to actually be wrong. It can only be perceived as wrong. If you perceive something as wrong, then you are operating from a stance of fear. If you perceive that it might be right, even if you cannot put your finger on how it might be right, then you are stepping into the power of love. Love equals acceptance.

To engage the Law of Attraction to create the life you desire, you must fully embrace and completely operate from a stance of absolute acceptance of what is. Any resistance will work in opposition of the system of physical reality. There can be no wrong. There can be no bad. There can only be what you personally prefer and what you personally do not prefer. If you prefer it, fine. If you do not prefer it, then leave it alone. It might be something for someone else to explore.

As a human living in your society, you were taught right and wrong. The notion of wrong creates urges to control the conditions. This is based in irrational human fear with no understanding off how the system was designed. It is a loving system and you may explore any aspect of physical reality you like. It is all up to you. The possibilities for the exploration of this dimension are endless. You get to choose anything that you prefer. But you do not get to choose what is possible for others to explore. What is wrong for you might be right for someone else.

The only way this system can function as it was designed is through the infinite nature of this reality. It is not possible or desirable to place limits on that infinite nature. Physical reality, like the rest of the universe, is infinite in what may be experienced.

All That Is expands through the experience of life. All That Is is in favor of all possible experiences. All experience is good. None of it is bad. It might not be something you would like to experience yourself and if that is the case, you may experience something that you prefer. It’s your limited perspective that causes you to perceive things that you would not like to experience as wrong and so you seek to abolish them. You cannot abolish, remove, restrict, or wipe out any experience in this reality. The more you try, the bigger it gets. The only thing you can do is turn your cheek and face that which you prefer. Leave everything you do not prefer to those who might choose it.

With our love,
We are Joshua