Dear Joshua,

I feel compelled to share a positive manifestation event that occurred last night, on the back of your last response to me. Your answer has been truly enlightening and I am really grateful for it. You said “Focus on the magnificence that is you as you are now, without anything needing to change, and your magnificence will being to emerge in ways you will not believe.” This is somehow helping me to close the gap between theoretically accepting the concept that we are perfect and feeling it as a reality, which is not an easy thing to do.

It was a beautiful evening when I got back from work yesterday, and I was inspired to go for a run, for the first time in about six months. Before I went out, I re-read your answer and set out the intention to meditate on your words as I was running. The area where I live has got the most wonderful cherry trees that are currently in full blossom and I ran past a few of them. I then came in alignment with the thought that these trees were an example of perfection for me. Their shape, their colour, their scent, the abundance of delicate pink flowers, all combined with the golden glow of the setting sun was magnificent.

It occurred to me that their potential for perfection was within them all the time, although we only perceive their perfection when they are in full blossom. And the likelihood of perceiving them as such is heightened when the sun is shining rather than when it is a dull, grey day. In other words, our perception depends on the outside conditions, when the potential within is always the same. So, my thought was, from your higher perspective, are you perceiving us in full blossom all the time? And, is our job to see the true potential for perfect blossom within ourselves, even when all we can seemingly perceive are bare, black branches?

With love,

Dear Arnaud,

That is right. The potential is always there. This is the magnificence of who you really are. But more than that, who you are now is perfect also. We see the perfection that is you right now. You cannot be any better than you are. From your perspective, you might perceive that things could be better, but that is simply the judgment of the conditions and it is usually based in some fear or some idea around lack. In reality, everything is perfect in the moment, because it is the perfect reflection of your vibration and you would not want it to be otherwise.

All that is ever happening in your reality is the perfect mirror to your vibration. If you looked at every last detail in your life, you would say that the vast majority of it was good and that only a tiny bit of it could be better. So, rather than looking at what you like, appreciating that, asking for more of that, you (like most humans) tend to look at what’s lacking and imagine that once you fix the problem, you will feel better.

When you look at the cherry tree and imagine that one day it will blossom and then you will feel good when it does, you miss the point. It’s not that the tree is best when it’s in bloom, it’s that it is perfect now and when it is in bloom it will be perfect then, for as it is now is the preparation for the bloom. If it was any different than it is before the bloom, the bloom would never happen. The tree is perfect as a seed, as a sapling, bare in the winter, and in full bloom in spring. It might evolve and change from one season to the next or one stage of life to the next, but it is never not perfect as it is in the moment. It is always right and it is never wrong.

It’s not wrong to prefer the bloom to the bare branches. However, when you look at the tree in winter and you wish it was in bloom so that you can feel better, and then you think you will feel good when it finally blooms, then you are missing the perfection of its current state and you are focused on it as wrong and attaching your feelings to that state. Now we understand that we are going on and on with this example, but it does parallel your life. You want to look at the bloom and call that good without realizing the importance and benefit of the dormant stage, which creates the environment that will eventually produce the bloom. The dormant stage in this example is necessary and perfect. The life you have lived to this point has been perfect and it set the stage for all that you want to create from this point on.

The cherry tree does not look at its bare branches and worry that the bloom will never come. The cherry tree knows that this is the stage before the bloom and this stage is necessary and therefore important. The cherry tree maintains a state of bliss knowing that at every point in its existence is the point that builds to the bloom. When the bloom happens, the cycle starts all over again.

With our love,
We are Joshua