Dear Joshua,

I have been seeking for a better way of life since I was very young. So I have came across many teachers. But lately the thing I am remembering from many of the teachings is that one of the most powerful ways of creating a better life is acceptance. Can you talk to me how to use acceptance, how to accept the things (which I do not want) that are presently in my reality. How to accept people that get on my nerves and how do I accept myself.


Dear Andraž,

We see the word acceptance as a very meaningful and powerful state of being. If you can be in the state of acceptance, then all you want will flow to you and all you do not want will vanish. Acceptance is the key. learn to accept who you are and all of the conditions of your life and your life will radically improve. We will explain how this all works.

You emit a vibration and the universe responds to that vibration. Everything you receive is in response to your vibration. Everything that is in your life now is exactly the way it should be based on the vibration you have been emitting and you are now emitting. If you want something to be different than it is, then simply alter your vibration and a different reality will appear. It’s as simple as changing the channel on your TV. However, you don’t really know how to change the channel, do you?

Your vibration emits a certain specific frequency and the universe responds to that signal perfectly. Your vibration is the sum total of your beliefs, feelings, fears, anxieties, emotions, thoughts, attitude, and perspective. The easiest way to change your vibration is to change your beliefs, thoughts, fears, anxieties, feelings, emotions, attitude, and perspective. A change in these things causes a change in your reality. But, will you be changing it for the better or worse?

Let’s look at a simple example. You have a job and there is one co-worker you find very annoying. This person comes into your life because you have attracted him. He comes in response to the vibration you are emitting. The purpose of your vibration is to alert the universe to the things you want. You desire a better way of life and the universe is responding to this wish. The person you find annoying has come to help you change your beliefs so that you can find a better way of life. Isn’t that interesting?

Everything you do not like is there to help you change your vibration. How do you change your vibration? You change your beliefs, thoughts, fears, anxieties, feelings, emotions, attitude, and perspective. First, let’s look at your beliefs. Your have a highly limiting belief that people should be different than they are. This person is annoying and he should be different than he is so that he would not annoy you. Yet the person isn’t being annoying, you are finding him to be annoying. It is your perception that he’s annoying. He cannot and will not change for you. You must change your perception so that you no longer find him annoying. You must accept who he is being as perfect and you must wish him to be exactly who he is, for if he were different, you could not learn acceptance. Do you see how important this is? You must learn to accept the conditions as they are because they happen to be perfect. If you fight against that which you do not like, you bring that which you do not like closer and closer until that is all you receive. It is a perfect system.

When you accept that which annoys you and that which you do not like, you learn the highest ideal of unconditional love. When you accept the conditions as they are without trying to change them because you believe they are wrong, you allow all that you want to naturally flow to you. Let’s look at perspective. When you can see a subject you formerly considered bad or wrong as good and right, you have accepted it and now it can leave your reality. When you fight against it, your attention is fixated on it and it cannot leave. When you accept it, it can leave your reality. So then, how can you look at someone you find annoying and see them from another, higher perspective so that they seem less annoying, even likable? You must get closer to that person. You must look for their positive aspects. You must see the good in them. You must see the world from their perspective. You must acknowledge that they are trying their best. They are striving for what they want just as you are. When you look at this person and feel better, you have moved into the powerful state of acceptance.

You cannot fight against anything, but you can accept everything. When you feel better, when you feel relief, when you feel lighter, you have altered your perspective and reshaped your beliefs enough so that your reality will begin to change. When your reality improves, you will encounter more things you do not like. Simply accept these new things as part of your process and your reality will improve yet again. This is a never-ending cycle of improvement and there are no limits on how far you can go.

You are doing very well and you are loved more than you can imagine.