Dear Joshua,

What can I do on a daily basis to be a constantly better version of me?

Thanks and Regards

Dear Andraz,

You don’t have to do anything but desire it. There’s nothing for you to do, for if that is your desire, the universe will form you into a constantly evolving version of you who will be moving up vibrationally to newer and higher levels. The universe does the work, you just allow it.

This environment of physical reality is a simply designed platform which is intended to help you grow and expand. If this is your true desire, and we know it is, then the universe will create situations and events in your life that will spur you toward an expansion of consciousness. You will be led to books and teachers and other people who share your interests. You will be put in situations where you have the opportunity to grow. You will be inspired to travel and to see interesting things. You will read and research and discover a whole new universe as long as you follow what interests you and what excites you without fear.

Now, we must clarify that you cannot help but expand within this environment of physical reality. If you sat in a chair and watched TV all day, you would still be expanding. Everyone expands every single day whether they realize it or not. But you have the ability to direct your personal expansion in a way that pleases you and is more impactful. You can move in the direction of what is wanted and allow wonderful experiences to color your life. All you need to do is focus on what’s wanted without regard to anything that’s not wanted. Remember that this is an attractive universe, you cannot push anything away.

You are a physical being who expands through experience. Fear will limit your experience. There are two types of fear; rational and irrational. If something is dangerous and could result in physical injury, that is rational fear and it’s a good thing. It keeps you alive and healthy. However, if the fear keeps you from doing something you want to do and there is no risk of injury, then that is an irrational fear. Your work is to identify those irrational fears and realize that they have no basis in fact. When you can overcome those irrational fears by soothing yourself and realizing that they are not true, you will have the power to do wonderful things and your joyous expansion will be assured.

Everything that has happened in your past has brought you to this level of consciousness. You chose the time and place of your birth along with all the people in your life. This sent you on a trajectory of discovery. It may look like you would have chosen differently if you did in fact choose, but this is an illusion. You knew that from this environment, you would be set on a path that would lead you to higher levels of consciousness and toward the subjects you wanted to explore in this lifetime. So, you must acknowledge that everything that has happened, happened perfectly to bring you here. The past unfolded perfectly. You must also realize that everything that is happening is happening perfectly. Do not try to argue against what has happened in the moment. It’s all unfolding just as it should. Do not worry if it seems wrong in the moment, it is always right. Just have faith that you cannot see the road ahead. The universe will bring you everything you want and need as long as you allow it.

You are doing wonderfully in your progression to the highest form of you. This is a never-ending process so sit back and enjoy the ride.