Dear Joshua,

How do we treat or react or use Respect?

What is Respect?

Where does it play in a role with human trainings and our spiritual side?

If I am Respectful I would say I’m good. If I’m disrespectful then bad or wrong. But….

Thank you!!

Dear Allyson,

So many of your respectable and appropriate ideologies around behavior are based in fear. They ask you to behave in a way that creates the false perception of safety and security. Not for your personal benefit, but only in the attempt to somehow coerce people into a set of behaviors they feel will alleviate their fear. This is not what you intended prior to your birth. You do not need to be concerned with the fear of others. Do not allow their opinions to influence your exploration of self.

The thirst for respect is actually based in control and the old approach to life. You behave in a way designed to elicit a sense of respect from others in order to feel safe. Since you are already safe and completely secure, because you have inner guidance and your reality is a reflection of your vibration, this approach cannot and will never work. It defies the design of the system.

You behave in a way designed to gain the love, respect, admiration and approval of others. However, you did not come here to be loved, liked, respected, admired or even accepted. You came to love and accept all others as they are. You came to express your absolute acceptance of yourself. In the attempt to be appreciated by others, you must constantly judge your own behavior. That judgment is based in fear. Acceptance is based in love.

To be who you truly are, without the consent or approval of others is what you intended prior to your birth. You cannot be other than good. From their perspective, they will perceive you as good or bad. This is not up to you, it’s based in their own individual and unique limiting beliefs. You have no control over their beliefs. Therefore, you cannot exist as an inauthentic being trying to gain their approval, because that approval is always subjective and beyond your control.

Give up needing the respect of others. Give up trying to make everyone else happy. Give up your rigorous attempts to control yourself. Simply be who you are and everything will fall into place. Simply be the most authentic version of yourself and your true powers and intentions will emerge. Focus only on what you are being led towards and let the others think what they may. Give up all forms of control and look inward. You must become who you truly are to lead the life you intended to live.

You came here to travel a path of self-discovery. When you are being inauthentic, as you effort and struggle to gain some sense of appreciation, you are exploring who you are not. When you give up the need to satisfy and placate others, you conduct the exploration of who you truly are. This is the path of true self-discovery you are inspired to travel. Let yourself accept who you are and everything you truly want will come through easily and effortlessly. Your struggle and suffering will be resolved. You will begin to live a successful, satisfying and effective life of love. When you worry about needing anything outside of you (including the opinions of others) to define you, you conduct a more limited exploration of self.

You do not need to respect others, you simply need to accept them. You do not require self-respect, you only need to become fully and completely self-accepting. Respect is a judgment based in fear. Acceptance is a behavior based in love.

With our love,
We are Joshua