Good Morning Joshua,

What do you mean by “Self Contained”?

Thank you,

Dear Allyson,

You are the center of your universe. Everything in your universe revolves around you. You came to physical reality to discover more fully who you really are as a representation of Source. Your exploration is nuanced and influenced by the intentions you set prior to your birth and the trajectory you established in your childhood. Your intentions were mostly general in nature, yet there was something more you wanted to explore. You truly wanted to explore who you are as a spiritual leader and teacher. This is your soul’s purpose. Everything you need to explore this aspect of physical reality is contained within. Nothing is outside of you.

The outer reality you experience with your physical senses is simply a mechanism of feedback, just like a mirror. It enables you to move forward along your path of selfdiscovery by providing you with feedback. When you are exploring physical reality as you intended, you will perceive your reality as good and you will feel positive emotion. When you are following some other false path, you will receive feedback and you will react to it as if it is wrong. This will not feel good. Since your feelings come from within, they are contained within. Everything you need to explore reality comes from the inside and is expressed as your vibration. Your vibration then creates your reality and thus provides you with the feedback you need to determine whether or not you are living life as you intended.

You will face obstacles on your path in the form of manifestation events. Everything you need to conquer these obstacles is contained within. You are fully able to face any obstacle in your path, because you possess the inner tools (skills, attributes, talents, intuition, etc.) to do so. You will never face anything that you cannot handle. Your challenges might seem daunting at times, but that is an illusion. Fear creeps in and causes you to see the illusion of reality that does not actually exist. If you were able to see the true reality of any situation in the moment, the fear would dissipate. This is why it is important to embrace manifestation events and to see them from the higher perspective. All of your manifestation events contain specific information that will help you identify limiting beliefs. Once you do so, your perspective will be altered and your vibration will be raised. You move further along your path toward who you truly are.

As long as you are moving along your path of self-discovery, you will feel good. You will come to new manifestation events signaling new limiting beliefs (or facets of existing beliefs) and you will simply process those beliefs. The negative emotion that you feel is guidance from within. The event does not cause the negative emotion, your judgment does. The judgment comes due to the existence of a limiting belief. Therefore, everything that is valid and true about the event itself is contained within you. The event itself is neutral and has no inherent meaning. It is not bad or wrong. Those perceptions come from within because a limiting belief has been activated. Without the limiting belief, the event could not be seen as wrong and therefore, it is not wrong.

Your emotions are contained within. Your limiting beliefs are contained within. Your thoughts are contained within. Your perspective is unique and is contained within. Your talents and attributes are contained within. Your access to intelligence is contained within. The outside world is an illusion and you are the only one who is perceiving what you are receiving. It is all unique to you. You have everything you need to navigate physical reality along your unique journey of self-discovery. No one else has anything you need. You receive everything you need to conduct your exploration. You have access to all the tools and information you will ever need to explore life as you intended. Nothing you need exists outside of you. If you need anything, it will be made available to you if you look inside. If you seek it in the outside world, it cannot come because you are looking in the wrong place. There is nothing on the other side of the mirror. The belief that anything exists outside of you is an illusion just like the mirror. You do not look behind the mirror to get a clearer picture of your own image. It appears that there is something in the mirror, but you know there isn’t. It might seem like the things you need are somewhere in your outer reality, but again, that is simply an illusion. Everything you need exists within yourself. You are self-contained.

With our love,
We are Joshua