Dear Joshua,

I can’t explain how ‘different’ I feel, how ‘different’ I am reacting to life and people … you know the drill, I’m sure.

So my question is – Is it Ego or Alignment .. to be mentally stating – (over and over) “Wow, I’m doing good…Look at how different I handled this or that … I’m feeling so good and I’m doing it ‘right’ because I am so ‘different’ “… it goes round and round… I’m feeling high (in the moment) on all kinds of decisions, responses, feelings and I’m crediting the fact that I am doing/reacting to things differently … is this alignment or ego?

All my love,

Dear Allyson,

The ego is neither good nor bad. It simply responds to the persona you have created. Your persona is always the more limited idea of self. It is comprised of what you might judge as beneficial and limited aspects of yourself, yet the persona in its entirety is always a limited idea of self. Who you really are is a magnificent and limitless being of pure positive love and acceptance and so any representation of self falls short of who you really are. The ego will emphasize your beneficial aspects in love and defend your limited aspects in fear.

When you think “Good for me,” your ego congratulates your empowered opinion of self, which is based in love and is true (although still limiting). When you worry about some aspect of yourself, or when you are confronted by your perception of some negative aspect of self, your ego will defend that aspect too. Your ego perceives that who you think you are is right and good because it has enabled you to survive. Your ego does not want you to change your perception or definition of yourself, because that brings in risk.

If you want to change the more limited aspects of yourself, your ego will want to avoid these changes and so the idea of unworthiness pops up. From your ego’s perspective the empowered change is risky, because it leads to a new (and unchartered) definition of self. The ego resists all changes to the persona because it perceives that change is risky to the survival of self.

Think less about the ego and only of the fear that is presented whenever you redefine your idea of self. The fear comes forth from the ego. That fear is present in limiting beliefs as well as empowering beliefs. This is why change is difficult for most humans. The ego reinforces the status quo in order to maintain the viability of the self. The self has survived and so the ego perceives that the continued enforcement of old beliefs is beneficial to the overall survival of the human being and its life. However, in this new time of awakening and awareness, you can make great strides on your path to authenticity when you understand the system and the egos role in that system.

When you perceive yourself in ways that align with who you are, you are making great strides to the life you intended to live, even if the ego comes to life and brings in fear. It really has no power over you. This is why the processing of limiting beliefs and fears is so important. It allows you to take charge of your life rather than relinquishing control to the ego.

Any time you feel good, it is because you are perceiving your life as working out. You are aligned because your inner self’s perspective is also that your life is working out. This is only really beneficial because in this state you are attracting inspiring thoughts and ideas. In fear, you are simply perceiving that your life is not working out. This is only limiting because in this state, you attract urges to change the conditions. So you can see that as long as you are not acting on urges, you are not taking detours in your journey to becoming who you really are and living the life you intended to live. As long as you are presuming that things are working out, you are receptive to inspiring thoughts and ideas. When you take action when inspired, you are always moving along your path to becoming who you really are and you’re allowing the life you intended to life to unfold naturally and easily. That is the design of the system. The ego is irrelevant at this point, because now you know how the system works.

With our love,
We are Joshua