Dear Joshua,

I am having trouble deciding whether or not to apply for the one-on-one program. Joshua’s teachings have already brought me so much. I am more confident at work, I have been able to cope with everything that “happened for me” (even though it felt like it “happened to me”) in 2016 much better than I would have in the past and I am in a much better feeling place overall.

So why is it that ever since I have completed my application I seem to be unable to send it? Sometimes, I get that feeling inside me saying “NO don’t do this don’t commit to six months of asking questions in a language that’s not your own, you would have trouble coming up with so many questions in your own language so what are you thinking girl, you’re going to regret this!!” And then I am reminded of the course I took last year to become a coach for young people where I had a similar feeling before I signed on and ignored it. I passed the course and have my diploma, but for the most part I didn’t enjoy it at all and regretted that I didn’t listen to that feeling. At other times, I can’t wait to join the program and put my questions to Joshua, especially after listening to the round table and Joshua live podcasts. I want to become a more confident person and find my passion and be able to talk with my inner self and maybe even my “own” Joshua.

Last week I was on the verge of sending my application after listening to one of the podcasts on my way to work and just as I was about to read it once more before sending it, I received a work assignment. I don’t know what to think of this. Was it a message from my inner self telling me to wait? On the other hand I keep seeing “the numbers” 7:17, 22:33, 18:28 etc. Are they telling me to go for it or that I can do it alone and just have to be patient?

I don’t know anymore! Joshua and Gary can you help me?
Love, Alette

Dear Alette,

When facing a decision you must first ask yourself a couple of questions: “Do I want this because I am inspired and I know this will lead me to where I truly want to go, or do I want this to escape some condition I do not like in the hopes that the new conditions will make me feel better?” The first question is asked from a high-emotional state of being. It’s asked from a position of feeling good now and wanting more. The second question comes from a low-emotional state of being. It comes from a place of feeling bad and wanting to move away from the bad-feeling conditions.

If you make the decision because you are inspired, you will always feel fear. Fear wants to keep you where you are because your ego believes that it is safe here. When you feel inspiration to act, you can push past those fears and move in the direction of what is wanted. You might move right into a manifestation event that doesn’t feel good, but it too is an integral part of the transformation process. When your fears are telling you that you can’t do something, like ask enough questions, or that it’s too expensive, or that you’ll regret it, it is simply part of the process of expansion and if you are inspired from a good-feeling place and you want to move toward your desires and not away from conditions you don’t like, then you must push past your fears. Inspired action will always lead to your highest good.

The feeling of regret is a negative emotion that comes because you are seeing the past from a limited perspective. If you have made a decision, then that decision led to where you are now. It cannot be changed, so we would say the decision was perfect at the time because it led you to where you are now. You cannot know what might have happened if you had made a different decision, but you can know for certain that you would not be here now and right here is the perfect place to be. So look back on all decisions as perfect, because you were led here by making a series of perfect decisions.

You have birthed a desire and the universe is transforming you into the version of you who is ready for your desire to unfold and become manifested in your reality. You may not be able to verbalize your desire. You may not even be able to consciously hold a vision of it. But that does not matter. Your desire is contained within and fully communicated by your vibration and the universe can see clearly what you truly want. All you have to do is become an allower. That means that you must learn to see everything from the higher perspective, you must strive to feel good now, you must act when inspired to act and push through the irrational fears that will pop up. You are being led through a series of transformative events so that you can become a vibrational match to all that you truly want. Would you like to know what you truly want? Would you like to know what you are striving towards? You want to be the authentic version of Alette while living in physical reality. You want to live in bliss and be fully who you are. You are a limitless and fearless being of pure positive love and acceptance. The more you can be like this version of you, the greater your experience of life will be.

With all our love and gratitude for you,
We are Joshua