Dear Joshua,

I want to be an author. I have lots of ideas and stories in my head but I am having trouble developing the stories and actually getting them written. It either works out that I have an idea that I really love but get stuck somewhere in the middle of the story because I don’t know what happens next and then I abandon it or I have a few different ideas and can’t decide which is the best to pursue (which normally ends in me picking one, getting stuck on it, switching to a different one, getting stuck, and it continues on and on like that). This is something that I really want to do and know that I could be great at, if only I could just get something written! I have tried meditating and asking myself questions which has worked to some degree, but I still find that I am struggling. I have wanted to do this for a long time and I am getting frustrated and impatient. I know the best plan of action is probably to relax more about it, but it seems so urgent, it feels like it must happen now – in fact, it feels like it should already be here, that it should have already happened by now. Is there a way that I can write these stories easily, creatively and as smoothly as I feel they should be coming? (As I know they should be coming?) Do I just need to practice my meditation and focusing skills? How can I let go of these feelings of frustration, impatience and urgency? Thank you for all of your wisdom and insight, I truly appreciate it!


Dear Victoria,

When you understand that you must be a vibrational match to anything you want before it can come to you, you can then understand that if what you want has not yet manifested, it’s because you have not yet become a vibrational match to it. In order to bring something new into your reality, you must become a match to it. There’s nothing for you to do because as long as you hold onto your desire, the universe will bring it to you. Once you’ve asked for it, it must come as long as you allow it.

Here’s how that works:

You are not a vibrational match to what you want which is the completion of a book. The universe will create situations and events designed to change you into the version of you that will complete a book that you’re proud of. Right now, you have certain beliefs that keep you from finishing the book. We can imagine what these beliefs are, but it’s not necessary to go into them. There is joy involved in writing and this is how you know you’re on the right path. If you didn’t feel joy, this would not be for you. However, there is also fear involved. Fear of what others may think and fear of completing something in a timely manner and fear of creating something that you can be proud of and that is good.

The version of you that exists in this moment is not ready to complete a book. You must undergo a change to your set of beliefs and this will raise your vibration high enough so that you may complete the book. You will be thrust in situations that test your beliefs. You might give a few pages to someone to read and their comments may not be as flattering as you like. How would you react in this situation? The confident-author version of you would not be concerned by another’s opinion because you would understand your own worth and talent as a writer.

We will say this to you. You could finish a book by the end of the month if you took action now. However, you would not recognize the finished product as being good. It would have the basis of an excellent book, but because you are not vibrationally ready, you wouldn’t know what to do to fix it. You would not recognize how good it was and in your frustration you would abandon that book and start writing something else. No one would ever see this book.

Once you complete the process of change needed to alter your beliefs enough so that you can recognize the masterpiece that you will write, the writing will become easier. The only thing in your way are a few limiting beliefs. Start to see your own value. Start to appreciate the good sentences and ignore the ones that aren’t quite right yet. Go with the flow and write only when inspiration strikes. Do not worry about the time. Time is meaningless.

Do not judge your writing as you are writing your book. Understand that you cannot know what is good until it’s finished and you have raised your vibration. Do not ever compare yourself to another writer for you are truly unique and your voice is indeed special and valuable. Understand that no one on Earth could write the story the way you can tell it. But unless you are writing from a high emotional state and you’re feeling joy in the process, the words will not come.

We will give you one hint that may help. You are not writing the book alone. No one writes alone. You are given ideas and thoughts and you simply translate these into words. Who might you ask is giving you these thoughts and ideas? You have a group of nonphysical beings who are very interested in helping you craft your story. It’s not really your story, it’s theirs. The reason you can write easily at the beginning is because you have little resistance to these thoughts. But once you think you know where the story is going, you fight the thoughts that are coming because they don’t match up to how you think things should be going and this causes you to lose connection to your co-creative partners.

In the beginning of the process you will remember that your emotional state of being was high. But as things get going and you feel some doubt, you shut yourself off from their communication. We convey our ideas to Gary and because he has no resistance, he is able to translate our words quite easily. We were able to write our first book through Gary in just eight weeks and he never spent more than an hour on any day translating our thoughts. When the first book was written, we gave him another one and it too was completed in eight weeks. A few months later we wrote a third book and in another eight weeks, it was also completed. Each book is around three hundred pages long. Gary wrote this answer to you in less than ten minutes. He never questioned a word of it.

You are love. Let the love come through you and you will engage the communication from your nonphysical friends.