Dear Joshua,

I am what others term a lightworker, I work to show others who they truly are, to uncover their Soul light and help them to see how they create their own life. I have psychic abilities, and am also a Seer. I am an energy healer too. Sounds great right?! I help many people, often for no money, but I need help myself now.

I, like many, am experiencing discomfort in my life, and I see how this is happening because my own Soul is trying to break through. But I have got to a point where I need some wisdom, that is NOT channeled by myself. I need some distance from the wisdom to truly understand. Do you understand? I feel stuck in a reality I have made, and am struggling to see whether the path of “lightworker” (I don’t like labels but it takes fewer words to use them!) is what I should be doing to earn a living, as well as what I should just be doing as a way of life. I do not earn much money and have been working on that too. I feel that I am in between two tracks, one is the old life, and one is the new, but I just can’t quite click onto the new. That is where I need help. Thank you so much for ANY help you can offer me.

Much love and gratitude to Joshua and Gary for your work. x

Dear Kirsten,

Before you embarked on this journey of physicality into this special time on Planet Earth, you made several intentions. Most of your intentions were general in nature such as freedom, expression, creativity, joy, abundance, etc. and some of your intentions were more specific. You chose to come at this time because you wanted to be intimately involved in the awakening of the planet. So you thrust yourself in a trajectory that would lead you to the exact place where you now stand.

You, like many other lightworkers, are caught between the reality you perceive with your senses and the knowledge of universal forces you possess. No matter how much you understand about the mechanism of physical reality, you will always be somewhat tied to the illusion of reality. This is what you knew was going to happen before you came into this world.

You, like all humans, have adopted certain beliefs. Most of your limiting beliefs have to do with you own feelings of worthiness. You understand you are unique and absolutely worthy in a philosophical sense, but you beat your head against the wall when you look at others and compare yourself to them. This is a trap of the illusion of reality. Your life is unique. What you desire is also unique. You can have, be and do anything you want as long as your belief system allows it. You believe you can help people with your knowledge, skill and talents, yet you also believe that these attributes are not wanted or desired by most people in the specific way you understand them to be valuable. The ones you feel need the most help are the least receptive to the benefit you offer. This is because, like most, you are focused on the problem.

As you look for problems to solve you find people who have problems. Because they and you are focused on the problem, solutions are difficult to provide. It is not your fault, but it is the basis of why you’re feeling stuck.

This work is your passion. You are a teacher and a healer and you cannot be any other way. But when you see someone in need and you desire to help them as you know you can, you are simply tuning your focus to their problem. This is why we say it is not necessary to help people. Certainly if you see someone drowning, you’ll jump into the water to save them, but if you can remove your attention from what you perceive as their issue, you can radically change your approach to lightwork and from this you will not only create more beneficial services, you’ll manifest the income you desire.

So we say to you – turn your attention away from the problem and focus on the greater solution. As you help people become who they really are, you focus on the highest version of them, not on the parts that they or you judge as lacking. When you heal someone, simply focus on the healthy version of them. This is more difficult because the sick person is completely focused on their problem, but you can focus on the natural well-being that is available to them. When someone comes to you for counsel, spend little time on what’s wrong and turn their focus to the ideal of who they can become. Don’t be a fixer, be an inspirer.

It is easy to know if this is the work you should be doing for a living. Is there anything you’re more passionate about? If so, move in that direction. If not, do only the lightwork that gives you goosebumps. Do only that which causes time to fly by. Focus on whatever interests you. Get inspiration from others. Don’t worry about your progress because there is nowhere you need to get to. This is meant to be a fun journey. If you want money, then do something enjoyable that provides it. You have lots of time to explore whatever you want. If you’re inspired to do something different, follow that inspiration because it might just lead you to the next step.

We encourage you to listen to the message that comes from your inner self for that will always be the highest form of wisdom. Just be easy on yourself and realize that this is your journey and you get to chose where you go and what you’ll see. Make it fun above all else and focus on the biggest picture. This ideal is where your gifts really come into play.

You are doing better than you think and you are loved more than you could ever imagine.