Hello Joshua,

Love from my side and thank you 🙂 I just got to know about other channeler on law of attraction after abraham and that is you 😉 I’m Dixit. I’m just 19. I’m holding the desire of making history. I want to be the youngest richest person in the world but I don’t know how but still I believe it’s possible and it is easy. I just don’t know what to say…I hope you have understood well. thank you for all of your love!! Thank you


P.S. I forgot to mention in my message the most important thing I want to know is how can I bring my desire into reality in a short period of time?? I want to listen your views.

Thank you

Dear Dixit,

We would start by asking why. Why do you want to be the youngest, richest person in the world? What is the feeling of that? How would it feel to you? Then we would ask again, why? Why do you want to experience that feeling? Of all the feelings in the world that you could experience, of all the things you could do, what is so interesting about that feeling? If you really wanted that feeling, it would manifest. If you really wanted that feeling, you would have intended that prior to your birth.

Before your birth into this reality you set many intentions. Most of your intentions were general. You wanted to love and be loved, you wanted to experience joy and satisfaction, and you wanted to live in freedom and abundance. Being the richest man in the world is neither inherently freeing or necessarily abundant. This is an illusion many people believe.

Prior to your birth, you also set one or more specific intentions. There was some aspect of physical reality you wanted to explore. In order to explore this specific aspect, you set up your childhood so that it would cause you to be launched on a trajectory toward that subject. You chose your parents and the time and place of your birth. What occurred in your childhood created the desires you now have which, if you allow, will lead you to that which you wanted to explore.

There are things you are interested in. There are attributes you possess that are unique to you. There are things you are good at. When you follow your interests, you’ll discover your passions. You are here to have fun, enjoy life and to do whatever it is you want to do.

You might be influenced by society that wealth is a good thing. It is for some and it isn’t for others. You might be influenced by your society that poverty is a bad thing. It is for some, but it isn’t for others. You possess everything you need to do whatever it is that you truly want to do. All you have to do is realize who you are, why you came here and what it is that excites you. Think about the feeling of whatever you want. Think about why you want to feel that way.

You are not here to prove your worth. You are already worthy. You Dixit, are worthy of anything you want. You do not have to show your worth to others. Remove your attention from others and just do what feels good in the moment. The only way you will be the richest man in the world is from the side effect of following your true passion.

With Love,