Dear Joshua,

I was speaking at an event and at the end a woman approached me and told me that she has a gift and her guides sent her to me to tell me that they are aware I am in conflict and that everything would be alright. An amazing experience as I’ve been working to get into alignment and seeking guidance from source because of a conflict about a job. My purpose for being is related to a book that I wrote but while somewhat related to my job and an area for which I am a unique “messenger” – there is no visible path to making this passion my work. What would be the best way to manifest this as a job that will provide financial stability while allowing me to pursue this dream?

Thank you!!

Dear Dave,

The reason a clear path is not visible at this time is because you are not a vibrational match to that path. However, there is never a need for you to ever have a clear vision of any such path. In fact, a clear vision is never possible. It is not your job or responsibility to ever have a clear vision. Let the universe hold the vision. Allow your inner self to guide you on that path. Your perspective is somewhat limited. You exist a a certain vibrational frequency that is only a match to the next step in front of you. Release your need to ever have a clear vision and this will allow you to take one step after the next.

Imagine that your inner self knows exactly what you truly want and exactly how to get you there. If this is the case, and it certainly is, then you can do the only thing in your power; that is to stay in alignment in the moment and wait for the inspiration to act. Are you a doer? Then you will always be frantically running around trying to make things happen and this effort will take you off your path. Momentarily that is. Once you find your alignment and feel a bit of ease, you’ll return to the path you are being guided along.

Do you want certain things to happen? Why? Why do you want these things to happen? Because you believe that it will make you feel good. That’s all that is happening, but that belief is in opposition to the laws of the universe. Do not make things happen. Simply be alright with everything as it is while releasing your attachment to what you think should happen. As you relax and have faith that everything is always working out for you, you will be guided to the next step.

You have created a persona. This is your idea of who you are and it is false. It is a limited version of you. Yes you are called to something more, but you believe the more will justify your existence. You believe that when you are famous, rich, successful and admired, that you will feel good and your message will be delivered. We ask you to believe that the something more that could be coming to you is far greater than anything you can imagine, however it will never make you feel anything you do not already feel. You are worthy, good, and successful. You cannot possibly fail. You must understand that your persona is meaningless and quite limiting. It limits what you are able to create because it seeks to define you in relation to other people.

Dismiss the persona. Make your idea of self more malleable. Take a look at your beliefs. Are they empowering and true or are they limiting? You feel called to something greater than yourself. This is your soul’s purpose and the activities you are engaged in are your attempt to teach, but you are still living in the old approach to life. You cannot teach effectively from that approach. You still perceive that there are problems to fix. In fact, problems do not exist. You can’t fix anything from that approach.

There is more for you to learn about the laws of the universe, the mechanism of physical reality and why you are here. In order to teach, you must find alignment. Alignment can only be found in the new approach to life of absolute acceptance. When you give up your attachment to any outcome and fully accept what is happening, you move swiftly along your path because you are no longer taking all of those detours.

With our love,
We are Joshua