Dear Joshua,

I have 2 questions today.

Currently, as a reminder, but you must know that … I disseminate your teachings (which I translate in French) to a small group of people already experiencing the Law of Attraction teachings (the majority through Abraham) and they love it.

From my side, as I share your teachings by translating articles, etc. of Gary’s website, I do the best that I can in my present life, by teaching through my example (the good and the less good one…), even though I understand that there is nothing wrong in the universe.

Right now, I have trouble believing that money will come while pursuing my passion (without being paid for it). In other words, I see bills to pay pretty soon and even if you say not to worry about the external conditions, it is very strong in me, having accounts payable and consider not be able to respect them. I know that here it is not worth considering this, so I do a pivot often as I can and I remain positive in the meantime.

That being said, with the passion I have for the transmission of your teachings, I plan to ask for a pay contribution to the Group in the form of monthly subscription. I have slipped word to Gary just before and my question to you Joshua, is this:

Do I do well for asking people to pay? Firstly I think it is time to recognize my value and make them pay me for my time (and technical costs for the broadcasting that this involves).

Or should I continue to do it for free while hoping for the money to come in an other way but I do not want to go outside to work and I have no idea of where my next money will come from… (I’ve used everything that was imaginable (in the 3-D world) to use as external resources – I can not go further in practice… just use my imagination (which I forget sometimes) and just wait for the universe?? Patiently, without worry…

My question to you is that I want to know whether it is good or not, concerning the fact of asking a monthly cost to a Group of studies on the Law of Attraction that I have put in place since the end of January? Again, this is while hoping for more money to come in an other way…

My other question that came to me since I am sharing your teachings:

I don’t know if you know the entity Bashar? I have studied his work (a part of it …). When Bashar speaks, he keeps telling us: “It is NOT the work of the Universe to support you, it is to you … to support the universe.” Meaning that we must demonstrate to the universe (to the world) that we are ready to accept what we say we want. At least this is my interpretation. While you, Joshua, I hear your teachings is that the universe will take care of us, if we get out of the way… We have nothing to do. I imagine you both have reasons, but there must be nuances that I do not quite understand.

Could you elaborate on that please?

Thank you in advance and I appreciate a lot that you are in my life during this time Joshua (and Gary).

Audrey Berube

Dear Audrey,

When we say that the universe will fully support you as long as you are willing and allowing and believing and expecting, then the universe will absolutely and fully support you in your endeavors. The birds do not lack food to eat or wind to beneath their wings. They are guided to the food and supported by the breezes. The birds do not doubt that they will fly or that food will be there for them when they land. They fully expect that the universe will support them and guide them to whatever they need when they need it. You are supported in exactly the same way. However, you do not believe it or expect it to the same degree as the birds.

You believe that you will have enough air when you open your mouth to breathe. You believe that you will never run out of water to drink. You might even believe you will always have enough food to eat. Money, however, is another story. You think of money differently than food, air and water. With money, you believe that lack is a fact of life and abundance is reserved for the more fortunate. This is not how the universe works.

Let us imagine together that you believe the universe will bring you what you need when you need it. You have faith that it will come and you even expect it to come. You do not worry. You are easy and you do not try to imagine how it will come. You are in the state of allowing. Then an idea pops into your head, “I’ll charge a fee for my translation and presentation of Joshua’s teachings.” Excellent plan. Here’s where it gets tricky.

First of all, you have reached a vibrational level high enough to receive this brilliant idea. Very good! This is a gift of inspiration. This is how the universe supports you. You get yourself into the state of allowing and stay there long enough for inspiration and ideas to flow to you. You are in a higher vibrational level and for the first time ever, you have access to higher-level thoughts. The thoughts always existed, you just were not yet at that level and so you could not have received these thoughts.

So you get this inspiration. What is the first thing that pops up for you? That’s right, FEAR! Will Gary allow you to teach this information? Will people really pay for it? Will they be disappointed if the information isn’t worth the money? Am I good enough to be a teacher of this information? Will I make enough money to pay my bills? And on and on and on. So many questions, which all stemming from many different irrational fears. If you succumb to the fear, you’ve showed the universe that you are not ready. If you move ahead with your plan, maintaining the state of allowing, not concentrating on the results, just pursuing your passion in bliss, not noticing that it isn’t working yet, then the results must work. But Bashar is right. You must prove to the universe that you have changed, that you can persist despite the fact that your reality has not yet shifted, despite the fact that things are not working out as quickly as you imagined, and despite the fact that all indications SEEM negative.

Your reality matches your vibration. You must change your vibration to create a new reality. You must change your approach to success before your reality will reflect your change. You must persist because the universe is responding to the old vibration while the new vibration takes shape. There is a lot of momentum behind the old vibration. It’s like a train changing direction. It’s going to take a few miles.

There are many such inspirational ideas that you receive daily. The majority of which you discount as a bad idea. You do this out of fear. If you would pay attention to all ideas and act on them as far as you can in the moment they occur to you, you would find that these ideas take shape and will lead you along the path toward a life of bliss, abundance and success.