Hi Joshua and Gary,

My question has multiple layers that all tie in together. Here goes, I have been working in a job that I do not like for about 13 years now. I know that this job is not my calling in life and that it is time for me to move on and find something that fulfills my soul. The job that I want to do is to be a full time fitness instructor. Ideally I would love to own my own studio and teach all kinds of fitness formats.

I currently teach Zumba and Aqua Zumba and I have the intention to get licensed to teach other formats of Zumba when it is available for me to do so. I am also currently studying to get my group fitness certification from a nationally accredited company. I also intend on learning other forms of group fitness, but for right now I am in love with all things Zumba and I want to be the best instructor that I can be.

The area that I live in now is tough to get people to participate in fitness, I have been doing this for only 8 months and the beginning was TOUGH! There were times that no one showed up to class and I began to doubt my abilities. But I stuck with it and now my classes are slowly growing and I am becoming much more confidant with every class I teach. And I am making friends and LOVING what I do. I feel good when I think about doing this for a living. But again, the area I live in is not a fitness oriented area.

That brings me to my next layer–my husband wants to move to a different state. This state is much much more into fitness and healthy lifestyles but I worry that I will be up against many more instructors who have more experience, and are in better physical form (I am fit but not thin–not gigantic but certainly not tiny) and that I won’t be able to make a career out there. I am working so hard here now and gaining experience and building up classes and then I will end up having to give it all up and start over in a new area where as I mentioned–I will be one of many trying to make it.

What if I can’t do it? I don’t want to end up working at another job that I can’t stand just so that I can pay the bills. I truly want to be a fitness trainer. How do I know if things will work out for me? I have no doubts that this is my calling in life…I have actually wanted to do this for about 14 years but I was too shy and scared to stand up in front of a room of people and lead exercise. I was filled with limiting beliefs that stalled my growth for far too long. I have overcome a lot of that but I think there are still some lingering in there…

Thank you!!!!

Dear Angela,

When you have found your passion in life it is quite obvious, isn’t it? You are here to explore certain aspects of physical reality and to find your bliss. Your bliss lies in the DOING of that which you are here to do. When you are doing whatever it is that you are passionate about, time loses it’s meaning. You become focused on the activity of your passion. The outside world loses it’s importance. You are in a state of bliss and if you can enter the mode of allowing, all that you want will come to you.

If you have found your passion in life, you are fully worthy of that whatever it may be. If you, Angela, were passionate about flying jets, you would be as worthy a pilot as any who have ever lived. If you were passionate about surgery, you, Angela, would be as worthy a surgeon as any who has ever lived. You are here to explore your passion and if you’ve found it, then you are as worthy to perform that activity as any in that field. You have the potential to be as good or better than anyone in that field. It is only your selfdoubt that keeps you from achieving what it is you want to do.

You feel like the people in the area where you live are not as receptive to physical fitness as people in other areas. Your desire is to play in a bigger game with people who desire physical fitness. Yet, when the opportunity presents itself (thanks to the Law of Attraction), you feel doubt. Why? You have nothing to fear. The universe is bringing you step by step to that which you desire. The universe will not make the steps too big for you. You can handle the next step. You are meant to take this path and without doubt, all will flow to you just as you desire.

We would like to take a moment here to talk about your approach to fitness training. Currently, you are looking at the results, not the process. You, like us, are a teacher. You are in service to others. Your not here to prove anything. You are not here to be anything. You are here to serve. In service, you do not have to be better or smarter or more capable or fitter or thinner than your students or anyone else. You, as you are, are perfect. You cannot be other than you, so don’t worry about that.

You are here to serve so when you teach your class, remember that you are serving. It is not up to you to alter the lives of others. It is not the responsibility of the teacher for the student’s learning. That is up to the student. You put forth your teachings, in service, and allow the student to take what they may. The result is something entirely in their hands.

You could stay right where you are and teach your classes in bliss or you could move to an area where the game is played on a larger field and teach your classes in bliss. Either way, you can achieve bliss. When you approach what you do from a stance of service, it matters not where you are. Those who will benefit from what you have to offer will find you. The Law of Attraction will bring you together. Follow your bliss and forget about the rest of it. You are loved more than you can imagine.