Dear Joshua,

First of all I would like to thank you and Gary for bringing forth all this incredible, practical, information. I’m a long-time “student” of the teachings of Seth and Abraham and now here you are to put it all in perspective. This really helps to apply it all in my everyday life. I’ve made it a habit to read something from your books every day, sometimes a chapter or two and sometimes only a few pages. When things aren’t working out I – try to – look at the situation from my inner self’s point of view (a bird’s eye view) and sometimes ask my inner self to “take over” so as to be able to shed the irritation or anger I feel in the moment. My life is really shaping up to be better than it has ever been. However, there is one area that remains a problem and that’s my working life.

Looking back, the problem seems to run like a thread through all jobs I’ve had. It’s my lack of confidence in my ability to do the job I was hired to do, irrespective what the job actually is/was. Presently, I have the almost perfect job; in fact there is nothing really wrong with it. The one thing causing trouble is me, having this feeling in the pit of my stomach each time I am given an assignment. When working on the assignment I keep doubting whether the choices I made are correct and what people (our firm’s clients!) will think when they see my work. Certainly others could do a much better job. I’ve been doing this work, at the same firm, for more than 14 years. Logic has it that if my work were not up to par someone would have told me by now. Logic, however, does not remove that awful feeling I carry with me to work each day.

I realize that changing jobs or my profession will not help as this will not resolve the feeling I have. Tomorrow, classes for a study program to become a coach for young adults start. This is something completely different from my current work. When I signed up I was confident that this was the course for me and was looking forward to it. But here, too, doubt and worry are becoming more intense as the first class is getting near. Why on earth did I ever think I could do this and would be good at it as well? Well, I will see tomorrow of course, but I would so much like to replace this awful feeling of insecurity with feeling confident in myself and my ability to deliver a perfect work product and to make a go of this new venture and ultimately to become a successful coach for young adults.

Dear Joshua any advice would be most appreciated. Meanwhile, I will continue reading your books, the website and listen to the weekly podcast which I enjoy immensely.

Thanks, Alette

Dear Alette,

When you feel unease with an assignment at work it is simply because you are looking at it from a perspective that is out of alignment with who you really are. You think it is possible to get it wrong or do a bad job. You think you might fail. You believe you’ll be criticized for doing work that is less than perfect. You believe that all of this is real, that it’s all important and that it really matters. One of your great attributes is that you care so deeply. This is the root of your problem. You’re a perfectionist who is taking this all too seriously.

There is nothing you need to get right, because you cannot get it wrong. You cannot fail. You cannot produce results below the expectation of those in your work. You are the only critical one and you are the only one who could ever judge your work to be less than the expectations. It is not possible for you to fail in this or any other environment. You do not require that experience, therefore it is out of the realm of possibility for you. If you required the experience of failure, then that would have entered your reality long ago. You fear something that is not a part of your reality and therefore you have nothing to fear.

Knowing this, that you cannot fail, does it give you any more confidence? No? Then we will talk a bit more. We will convince you of your abilities. Do you know you are worthy? You are! Do you know you are unique to all the world? You are! Did you know your ultimate uniqueness and worthiness means that as long as you are being true to who you really are then you can never fail? This is true.

Some people come here to experience homelessness, poverty, illness, and many other seemingly unwanted experiences. They want the expansion gained from such experiences. However, you are not here for that kind of experience and therefore your well-being is secure. You are interested in moving out of fear and into love. You are interested in claiming your confidence. You are interested in moving through insecurity and doubt and seeing what’s on the other side. For you, this experience will be exhilarating.

Your insecurities, which we see as relatively minor, are quite limiting. They are based on some rather limiting beliefs about yourself. These beliefs limit your experience of life. They limit what you do and how you express yourself. You cannot be completely who you are while harboring these limiting beliefs. All limiting beliefs are based in irrational fear. Find the fear behind each belief, prove it is false, and the belief will be reduced in its intensity. Once you’ve reduced a limiting belief and shed a little fear, you’ve moved towards love and your world will shift to match your new perspective.

When you feel negative emotion (the pit in your stomach), that’s your sign that you are using a limited perspective. Your inner self knows the true story. You are substituting the true story for a version which says you’re not good enough, not prepared enough, not worthy enough. This story is false and your inner self is letting you know by sending you the negative emotion.

So, what are you to do when you feel negative emotion? Imagine if you had a friend with you and as soon as you felt bad your friend said, “Hey, what are you doing? Don’t look at the situation like that. That is not the way it is. Here is the real situation. Let me show you the truth!” You would stop in your tracks and discontinue your line of thought. You would change your perspective. Well that is exactly what your inner self is saying whenever you feel negative emotion.

Don’t feel bad when you feel bad. Think of it as a nudge letting you know that you’re offtrack. Think about your limiting perspective and look at the subject in whatever way makes you feel better. As soon as you’ve found a higher perspective, you’ll feel relief. That is the sign that you have re-aligned yourself with who you really are and what you really want.

It doesn’t matter what you do, you can do anything you want. You will always be fully capable of any challenge you undertake as long as you realize how the system really works. You have access to infinite intelligence when you feel aligned. When you feel good, when you feel confident, thoughts and ideas will come to you just as you need them and you can do anything. You don’t create the thoughts, you attract the thoughts that already exist. You become aligned with higher-level thoughts by feeling good. When you feel fear, you lower your vibration and cut yourself off from access to most highervibrational thoughts and ideas. When you feel insecure you do yourself a disservice. When you feel confident (as you must by now) you become connected to infinite intelligence.

You are a very high-vibrational being. When you read this answer, your vibration will raise even further. You have come into vibrational resonance with us. Very few people on Earth are at this level. You know more about the powers of the universe and the mechanism of physical reality than almost everyone else. You know that there is no real reason to feel insecure about anything. You are supported by more nonphysical guides, teachers and supporters than you could ever imagine. You are loved and cared for. You are not in this alone. We are all in it together. Think about that level of support and you will never feel anxious again. If it feels right or exciting, or fun, or interesting, you can do anything without worry or fear.

With Love
We Are Joshua