Dear Joshua,

I am a single mother of two and have been separated now for 5 years from their father. I have had a string of unsuccessful relationships and finally came to conclusion that I need to work more on myself. Since the last couple of months I came into contact with a man, who is in an unhappy relationship with three children (grown up).

Our first meeting came because I am a healer and I was really advising him on how to be true to himself and that he should not feel like he has to do anything his partner tries to manipulate him into. I recommended books, therapists, treatments, etc. on how to be true to himself. But as time passes we now find ourselves attracted to each other and actually we compliment each other and both our truths seem to be the same. My question is, why do we not feel bad?

I have been approached by men before in similar situations and have run for the hills as I know this is not right. I know in my head that it isn’t right, but in my heart it feels like nothing could be more right. Nothing is happening between us, just communication, but we also have shared dream goals, and together we could manifest these dreams. I don’t know if I should just walk away, leave him to sort out his problems and then pick it up again after. He is also very weak, beaten to death by his partner (emotionally) and I know if I walk away he will fall back into the same place. It’s almost like he needs my strength. I do not feel an ounce of guilt toward the partner and that also puzzles me, as I know what we are doing is wrong…..

Please advise me further.

Thank you,

Dear Megumi,

There is no wrong anywhere in the universe and you are not wrong either. All you must do is look at what you are attracting and see if it matches what you want. Do you want someone who is in another relationship? Do you want someone who is damaged and needs help? Do you want someone you can fix? If so, then things appear to be working out for you. If not, think more about what it is you truly want and why you think you want it.

Certainly, if this relationship is meant to be, there is nothing wrong with it. The reason you do not feel guilt is because your perspective is aligned with the perspective of your inner self. Your inner self does not see this exploration as wrong. It is perfectly right. But that doesn’t mean you are getting what you want, it simply means you are getting that which is a match to your vibration.

You have had unsuccessful relationships because they were a match to your vibration. What does that mean? It means that you are asking for something and receiving it very clearly. It means that what you are asking for is a perfect match to how you feel about yourself. You believe that you will feel worthy if you can heal people. That is very good indeed. But do you really want to attract a relationship where your partner is the one who needs to be healed? Wouldn’t you prefer one who is already in alignment with who they are and is capable of giving you what you need other than the need to heal?

You stated that you thought you would take some time and work on yourself before getting into another relationship. Have you done that or is there more work to be done in that area? We say that what you have attracted is not wrong, but it is not a match to what you truly want, it’s a match to what you think will make you feel good. Feel good healing people who come to you for your healing talents and seek a mate who is already healed and can give you that which you truly desire.

You are already worthy. Do not look to anything outside yourself to prove that you are worthy. You are already good. Do not look to anything outside yourself to prove that you are good. Think about what it is that you truly want, work on your vibration so that you can become a match to that, and do not settle for anything less.

You are loved more than you can imagine by more than you could ever count.

We are Joshua