Dear Joshua,

I understand I am the center of my universe! What I would like to know is are the people in my life created by me or do they exist in another parallel universe? Is my husband a figment of my imagination? Lol!!!


Dear Cassandra,

You are the center of your universe and all the people in your universe are there to specifically support you. Each version of that person in your universe is unique to you. No one else sees anyone in your universe as you see them. How they behave in your universe is based on the vibration you (and they) are emitting. Your interaction with them is based on the combination of your unique vibrations.

We like to use the bubble analogy to explain how the combination of your vibration and your husband’s vibration (or anyone else’s vibration) creates a unique vibration that only you can perceive. Imagine that you walk around in this large bubble and so does everyone else. When you come in contact with another person, your bubble collides with theirs and the intersection of your two bubbles creates a window. You perceive the other person through this window and they perceive you through it as well. How they see you is unique to them and no one else on Earth will be able to see you the same way. How you see them is unique to you and no one else can see them like you see them.

For instance, you believe you know your husband very well. You have a mental perception of who he is. However, this perception is completely unique to you and no one else (including your husband) sees him the same way you see him. You see him differently than his best friend, or coworkers, or mother, or siblings, or past lovers see him. You see him differently than he sees himself. The version of him that you know and love is completely unique to you. Therefore, he is a figment of your imagination.

Since you have the ability to imagine anything you want, and you have the power to make your imagination come to life in your reality, you can imagine your husband to be however you want him to be and he will become that for you. You cannot imagine him to be who he is not, for you cannot create in his reality, but you can imagine him to be the finest version of who he really is and that version will show up in your reality.

Let’s say you imagine him to love you very much. Your definition of love is unique to you. You could not explain it if you tried. Since you can define what it means to be loved however you like, you can imagine that the way he loves you now, is the ultimate expression of true love. Conversely, you could imagine that the way he shows his love and appreciation for you is lacking, and therefore it will be less than you desire. It is all in how you perceive it and your own unique perspective. You make up the rules.

You have a husband and you can decide that he is everything you want or you can decide that he lacks much of what you want. Believe it or not, your perception, your beliefs, your opinions are the only things that determines how he shows up for you. If you appreciate all the good things you like about him and focus on those aspects, more of that will show up for you. If you focus on the little things that annoy you, more of that will show up for you.

You have control over how you choose to perceive anything and in doing so you create focus. Focus is very powerful in this reality and thus you get what you focus on. If you can understand that how you choose to perceive anyone is exactly how they will be for you, you can start to choose to perceive that everyone loves you, everyone cares about you, everyone likes being around you, and you love everyone as well. This is who you really are. You are a being of pure love. Anything you perceive to be less than that is simply resistance to who you really are.

With Love and Appreciation for who you really are!