Dear Joshua,

I’m writing from Kettering in the UK and there is great love here for you. I’m passionately reading and absorbing everything I can get my hands on. I have many questions and it’s hard to decide what to ask, I’d love to spend a whole day chatting, but I’ll go for one regarding my specific situation and then maybe hang a cheeky little extra one on the end.

I’m Married with 4 kids, it’s a marriage which has provided much expansion! The rest of the family are not into this Stuff and that’s fine. I know I need to let the contrast clarify what I want and focus on that, but what I would love is to share my life with someone who recognises the value of our emotional guidance and who wants to join me in an emotional journey to greater and greater levels of joy and higher and higher vibration. But when I focus on that desire, it feels great initially just the thought of sharing life with another deliberate creator, but then after a day or so it feels like I’m attracting a different relationship and the disloyalty creates awkwardness between us like I have a dirty secret. So eventually through questioning I confess and she takes offence and I end up desiring it less.

I’m comfortable that they would all be fine without me but I’d love for us all to stay together but I know asking her to be all I want in a partner is not giving the universe the flexibility to deliver me my desire in the most elegant fashion. It feels wrong to want another without the marriage ending first, but what I want is so different from what I have and what I have wants nothing to do with this. I guess my heart is pulled in 2 ways because I’ve expanded and know life can be so much more but I love my family and don’t really want to be responsible for a break up. I still want what I want and I trust they will be fine if it comes to it. I’m currently just using any and all manifestation events for my own education and trusting in inspiration towards joy and focusing on my own journey. It has just led me to feel very different to my family so it’s a bit of a conundrum.

And just quickly is God a being that you can chat with as we are all beings and you are a group of beings or are all our inner beings part of the pure positive divine love and light soup that is God? I’ve read books that say children chat with God before emerging but is that just them chatting with their inner beings or is inner being and God inter – changeable?

Thank you so much for this opportunity and thank you Gary for playing your part in it and for your time.

Love to all Ben xx

Dear Ben,

First of all, we will say that you are God and so when you chat with God, you are chatting with yourself. Your wife is God, so when you are chatting with your wife, you are chatting with God. Your children are God and so when you are chatting with them, you are having a conversation with God. Your inner self is God and your inner self’s inner self is God and so on and so forth. In other words, you cannot chat with anyone who is not God, therefore you are always chatting with God.

When you want something, like the desire to be with another who shares your passion, that is a very fine idea. However, when you ask people who exist in your life to be different than they are, you are trying to create the manifestation of your desire on your own. You cannot do that very elegantly and so you have seen for yourself that it does not work. Therefore, you must try a radically different approach.

Imagine if the universe was fully receiving the knowledge of exactly what you want in the tiniest detail and instantly set in motion the events that would need to take place so that you would receive everything you want in the most elegant manner possible. Well, that’s exactly what is happening. However, you have fear and so you put up some resistance.

You cannot imagine a way fro you to get everything you think you want and so you make up some rules. You say that in order for you to be happy, this must happen and that must happen. You say that you do not want to lose what you have and so this must happen and that must happen. You believe that what you have now is mutually exclusive from what you want and so then the people in your life must change to be what you want. Remember a very important fact; you cannot change the conditions to make you feel good. You must change yourself and feel good now and then the conditions will change to reflect how you feel.

You do not have to do anything. Believe it or not, this is the design of the system. You just have to remain open to all possibilities, maintain a positive emotional state of being, and you will be sent inspiration to act. You can act or ignore the inspiration. It will be your choice. Fear may prevent you from acting and that is resistance. You might be attached to certain outcomes and that is more resistance. However, if you can trust that everything is always happening for you, you will take the action when inspired and see where that goes.

You do not have to protect anyone. Remember, this is your life and your universe and you are here to experience expansion and to explore certain aspects of physical reality in your own way. You can have everything, if you allow it. You have certain limiting beliefs and these are the cause of your resistance. You do not have to fear loss, because you can never lose anyone you know. They are all playing their roles in your experience of life. It’s just that their own fear causes them to react and ask you to change who you are.

The first step is to focus on that which you love and appreciate about your life as it is now. Allow gratitude to help you maintain a positive emotional state. Be your authentic self as much as possible rather than the person who you think everyone wants you to be. If they feel fear, then you can ease their fears. Don’t take any action until you feel inspiration and then take the first step. Don’t think you know how this will work out because from your limited perspective as Ben at this vibrational level, you cannot see the version of you who will be ready to receive all that you want. It is an evolved version and at that time, you will see how everything fits together.

You believe that it would be fun to be with someone who shares your passion. You believe it is frustrating and limiting to be with someone who does not share your passion. Both of these premises are false. It has nothing to do with the other person, it has only to do with you. You could be happy or miserable with a person who shares your passion. It is up to you. You could be happy or miserable with a person who does not share your passion. That is also up to you. You are the creator of your reality and you create that reality by maintaining a higher perspective and by attracting empowering thoughts and ideas through maintaining your alignment with your inner self. When you can do that, you will evolve to the next level and new ideas will be revealed to you.

With our love,
We are Joshua