Hi Joshua and Gary,

My neighbor is playing his music almost 24/7, loud enough that I have to listen to it. I get angry and frustrated and want hum to stop. I realise this is all on me, I attracted this. Looking back I also see that this problem with noisy neighbors has been with me for years, getting worse and worse. So obviously I am missing the message!

Some of the limiting beliefs this is bringing out in me: “people don’t respect me”, “he is rude”, and also a feeling that I don’t matter, that him doing this means people don’t value me. Please, how can I understand what this recurring and now big manifestation is trying to show me? Thank you! (Very much looking forward to the next book!)

Love and gratitude, Astrid

Dear Astrid,

Excellent work identifying some limiting beliefs. All you need to do now is prove to yourself that they are false. Find evidence that proves the limiting beliefs and the fear behind them are false. Once you have enough evidence that proves they are false (which they are), the intensity of the limiting beliefs will be reduced. Once you reduce their intensity, your vibration will raise and your reality will shift. You will not have the belief that the neighbor doesn’t respect you and you will not notice the music as much. You will perceive the situation differently and it will no longer bother you.

First of all, it is important to note that your neighbor is not playing the music to annoy you, he is playing it for you. If he did not play the music, you would not have had this manifestation event and you would not have stopped to think about your limiting beliefs. The music is a gift. Thank him for his gift.

It does not matter how or why you’ve come to believe that people don’t respect you. It is likely a belief you adopted in childhood and it has traveled along with you your entire life. Is it true? Do all people disrespect you? Have you never been respected by anyone? Obviously, the vast majority of people with whom you come in contact every day respect you just as they respect most people. If you are in a low emotional state of being, you may attract people who seem to behave in a way that could be construed as disrespectful. This is just the Law of Attraction lining you up with people who are in moods that match your vibration in the moment. Otherwise it could not happen.

If you feel unworthy of respect, you will meet people who might show you some disrespect. It is not the true version of them, it is just a version that matches up with you at the exact moment in time. It is simply your feeling like others do not respect you and then manifesting that feeling in your own reality. You create all of it.

The fear is false, people do respect you. People do like you. You are respectable. You are good. You are unique and worthy of respect. In fact, you are as worthy as any who has ever or will ever exist in this reality. We know that to be true and at some level, so do you.

You may allow yourself to wallow in self-pity if you choose. But this is your reality and you can choose to emit a vibration that aligns with what you want. You can also choose to see yourself as a victim of fate without any control over your vibration. Which do you choose? If you choose to respect and love yourself, act like it. If you expect that others should respect you, because you are respectable, then act like it. If you’re worried about conflict, well that’s just an irrational fear and another limiting belief.

The thing to remember is that you cannot fight against that which you do not like or think is wrong. To change anything you must use love, not fear. You cannot change anyone else, you must change yourself, your perspective and your approach. All you have to do is love them. Show your neighbor some appreciation. Bake him a cake or make him a casserole. Bring him a gift. Maybe you can buy him a set of nice headphones. You are loved more than you can imagine.