Dear Joshua,

I have been working daily to understand and implement your last answer to me. I am getting better each day! There are a couple of things I keep getting hung up on ~ I am choosing to be my own creator, most of the time ~ and I am doing a better job of realizing when I am not. One thing I am struggling with ~ I have certain treatments I do and supplements that I take. Are they at all beneficial to the “curing” of the disease ~ or am I to just work on my vibration ~ do these treatments and supplements only work if I believe they work?

Can I eliminate the ones I don’t have much faith in? Is it best to just focus on my vibration and visualize/meditate on health? I am focusing on love and appreciation. I catch myself when I start to complain and turn my focus to what IS right. By taking the supplements, etc., am I contradicting myself and my new approach to life? In all honesty, I don’t believe the majority of them help. I look forward to your insight ~

With love and gratitude ~ Wendy

Dear Wendy,

We are so pleased to hear that you are embracing a new approach to life. This is the path that will lead you to feeling better more of the time. As you begin to feel better, as you choose betterfeeling thoughts, words and actions, and as you focus on what you enjoy and appreciate, your body will match how you chronically feel. It is a slow process, but as long as you maintain your new attitude towards life, you will improve day by day.

Your new approach to life includes daily meditation, daily appreciation and the intent to seek and hold good-feeling thoughts. Your new approach to life begins with doing things that you enjoy. Your new approach to life starts with considering yourself first. You no longer complain. You no longer seek to change the conditions around you. You no longer ask the people around you to be different than they are. Your new approach to life is one of acceptance. This is what you must focus on with great intensity. Acceptance. You accept the conditions as right all the time, every time. You accept the people as right. You do not argue or seek to make them wrong. You accept that for them, for their journey, they are simply doing what is right for them.

You are only doing what feels good. Does it feel good to take supplements? Do you feel better after taking the supplements? If so, we would suggest their continued use. If not, maybe they are not the solution for you. Only you can feel what is right for you. Only you know.

If there is a treatment for your bodily condition and you have completed the vibrational work that is necessary, then you will be led, step-by-step, to the appropriate treatment. You will be led to articles. You will overhear conversations. You will find videos about the treatment. One coincidence will lead to another. Everything will unfold to bring you to the proper treatment. By focusing on feeling as good as you can, the unwanted physical condition will be alleviated one way or the other. When you focus on the condition, it does not feel good. From that place of not feeling good, you limit what can come to you. We understand that the condition makes you feel bad, but it is a match to how you were feeling before it arrived. Now you must alter how you feel about everything else.

Even before you had the condition, your life did not feel good to you. You were fighting against the flow of life. You were paddling upstream as they say. With your new approach to life, you can see everything other than the disease as good and fine. We understand that you may have difficulty seeing the disease as good, so remove your attention from it and focus on all other areas of your life. Allow everything else to be seen as good and right. Accept everything other than the disease as it is without trying to change it. If you can do this, then the disease will have performed the miracle that was intended. If you can truly alter your approach to life, then this unwanted condition will become the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.

You are loved more than you can imagine and you cannot be more perfect than you are right now.